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  1. Tyrone

    Kirkistown Northern Ireland 0.8

    Here's an early release of this one, as I've seen there is a newly released Payware version - this one is and always will be free to everybody :) As this is a free alternative, and a bit of friendly competition to a payware mod - i'd appreciate any donations you may consider :) You can donate...
  2. Tyrone

    Seattle Circuit Version 1.0 Release

    Three track variations, smoothed jumps, larger kerbs, a reverse layout and wet weather! everything you've ever wanted. If you enjoy the track please consider a direct donation / a virtual pint of beer via Paypal at paypal.me/hesbrook it would be very much appreciated. Special Thanks to...
  3. skyflightmusic

    90's Golden Drift Spot Project Intermission #6 - Okuibuki Motor Park 1.0

    Intermission section of 90's Golden Drift Spot Project, anything non touge or 90's related will goes to here. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okuibuki Motor Park (奥伊吹モーターパーク) Okuibuki Ski Resort is a famous ski resort in west...
  4. Tyrone

    Tracks Seattle Circuit (Gran Turismo)

    Hey guys, I'm working on a version of the seattle circuit from GT, it's not a conversion, it's made from Google maps terrain, but follows the same route as the Gran Turismo 4 Circuit. It's going to be a pain getting the AI to slow down across the bumps so they don't flip and die when they...
  5. Fat-Alfie

    Deutschlandring 1.0

    Deutschlandring - a showcase for 1930s German engineering, boasting the fastest corner in Grand Prix racing, designed to host the 1940 German Grand Prix... destined never to be used at all. In the 1930s, the government of Nazi-Germany constructed a circuit that was to replace the infamous...
  6. maxferrari

    CIRCUIT MONTJUIC : rf2 donwload BadWolvesEsport 2019-02-27

    The Montjuïc circuit was a motorcycle racing circuit designed inside the homonymous park located in the city of Barcelona. It hosted four editions of the Grand Prix of Spain of Formula 1 (in 1969, 1971, 1973 and 1975) and seventeen of the Grand Prix of Spain of the World Championship (from 1951...
  7. eg01st

    Old Spanish Trail Highway Circuit 1.1

    Old Spanish Trail Highway Circuit is fantasy track, based on real life location in Mojave desert, near the Old Spanish Trail Highway, hence the name of the track. You can check out the location's street view here. Background story is that circuit was made in late 1960s and abandoned right after...
  8. Moectopus

    F1 2016 F1 2018 France Track in F1 2016?

    Ahoy ya scallywags! Today I've got no loot fer ye but I 'ave a riddle: Be it possible t' convert th' french GP-Track (Circuit de Paul Ricard) from th' F1 2018 game into F1 2016 'n if so, wha' apart from th' track.erp etc. be required? 'Cause F1 2018 be broken like th' ole mayfair shipwreck I'd...
  9. Albs

    Feldbergring Wet 1.0

    Inspired by the great track by Fat-Alfie here comes the wet tarmac addition for Feldbergring. Installation First thing is to make sure you already have Fat-Alfie's original Feldbergring track, otherwise this addition won't work. As always, extract the archive in assetto corsa main...
  10. M

    Replay Cams Circuit 24H Lemans 2017 2.05 (by Tiago Lima) 2018-06-29

    Replay cams for the chicane versions only. The 3 cams are more or less the same. TV 1 is the main cam TV 2 has different cams in round the pit area (good for inlaps) TV 3 I use only for Race Starts and Outlaps TV 4+5 are the already exixting helicams (LMP+GT3) youtube-demo: you see a lap...
  11. Fat-Alfie

    Feldbergring 1.4

    After just over a year (on and off) I have finally finished my second track for AC - the Feldbergring. The Feldbergring race took place every year in Taunus, Germany, from 1920-1928, from 1934-1936, and lastly from 1950-1954. I have made the last version they raced on. The circuit was 11.6km...
  12. MoZqUiTo

    Alemannenring for Assetto Corsa 0.5.6

    Alemannenring for Assetto Corsa Version: 0.5.2 UPDATE: 08. April 2018 (Please see the Update for Changelog) Track ist done completely and acurate on +/-2cm in all directions. Main Buildings are all done. AI Line is done Just Details are missing and will come by Patch time by time. Please visit...
  13. LeonS

    Sveg Raceway 1.2.1

    Sveg Raceway, Sweden Official website: http://svegraceway.com/ RD Thread: http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/sveg-sweden.142223/ Brought to you by The Sim Channel in partnership with Heusinkveld Engineering. Installation The recommended way to install this track is to manually copy and...
  14. Mr AlcoN

    Wanted Pro Shift board?

    Hello! Wondering if anyone has a pro shift board for sale? This one: PM me if so! Thanks! :)
  15. Eider Tuning

    Circuito Kotar España 0.3 BETA

    youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGLJ0HOSTgp88EWLgDuODqA?view_as=subscriber Discord: https://discord.gg/JwWxn3
  16. Mortal

    Oschersleben Track 2017 1.1.4

    Oschersleben Track 2017 WIP for Assetto Corsa If you want to follow the earliest progress and fast updates, you can go to the Nightly versions, once you add the best updates to the current version, so you do not have to download the added improvement. v1.1 It's the continuation of the old...
  17. Dethrone1427

    AI and rumblestrip problems

    Does anyone know how a track can be edited, be it with the TDF file, or in the track editing software, its just im having issues with certain tracks i've ported to AMS and the tracks are brilliant running by myself, yet as soon as i add any AI cars it soon turns into destruction derby with cars...
  18. Lemax

    Hope RaceTrack 2017-08-06

    Hope RaceTrack v1.0 I present you Hope RaceTrack, a fantasy race track that I made five years ago and now it is rebuilt for Assetto Corsa. This is pure fictional track and it's not based on any other (real) track. I have made in the past some real tracks from Balkan Peninsula and suddenly I...
  19. E

    A circuit question

    Hi . I want to ask if anyone has any of these two circuits. For Assetto Corsa Circuit Ascari .In Spain , Málaga . Private circuit longest in spain. Karting Campillos In Spain , Málaga .International karting circuit Thanks .I waitng your answers
  20. M

    Adelaide AI Improvement 1.1

    This should drastically improve the AI racing line for Adelaide. The AI are pretty slow by default, especially around turn 8. Its still not perfect, and I haven't tested AI pit entry properly (though it should work). Let me know if you guys have any problems and I'll try to fix them. This is...