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  1. M

    Where to buy Bob´s Track Builder Evo?

    Hi all, I would like to modify some tracks for GTR2. But I don´t know where to get BTB Evo. Anyone here who can help me? Thank you Mic
  2. K

    SS Motorpark v1.1

    In 2017, i've made a fictional track just for fun for my simracing team at that time called SS Motorsport, and decided to share it with the community. Of course, the track wasn't made by a professional, so it has its flaws like for example the A.I. I used Bobs Track Builder for the development...
  3. A

    Released 2020 Rally New Zealand

    Hi all, after quite a few years of building Amateur tracks based on real Rally New Zealand special stages, using BTB and Zaxxon's method I decided to pack them together to create a complete Rally event :) The other big motivator was after COVID caused the cancellation of Rally New Zealand this...
  4. nokanmov

    Released TAKALISTO eRALLY FINLAND Richard Burns Rally 5 stages event by BTBfin 2020-05

    5 stages. TAKALISTO eRALLY Finland Gravel 2020-05 Download sent request to BTBfin Google Deive: https://btbfin.blogspot.com/2020/05/sprint-erally-finland-richard-burns-rally-event-gravel-2020.html 2020-05 eRALLY EK4 Akanpaise Richard Burns Rally Stage by BTBfin video Download and sent the...
  5. Schmuckiiii

    Can't export attempt divide by zero

    Can't export attempt divide by zero Hi, o can't export my track! When I tryes it shows: "Can't export attempt divide by zero" I don't now what to do! xpacks: 3dcrowds advertbridges basic city xpack CK Pits and Barriers Default FE style kerbs grandstands Japan Collection JPN_Collection...
  6. Leza Dreamizer

    BTB Track Collection / Improve pacenote for CZmappack

    Hello. I've been collecting BTB tracks for months, then found a total of 150+ stages. I picked 100 of them with good quality. BTB pack download https://drive.google.com/open?id=1doPynkgQHVUJtYCJXCF8xgH-JRVUmpMI BTB Finland Nokkospohja & my pacenote...
  7. K

    Track Export Error - "Length cannot be less than zero. Parameter Name: Length"

    Hi all, Can anyone please help me solve this error im encountering exporting my London street track. I'm trying to export it into a Racer file to post process it for Cruden. When i select to export the track im hit with an error message which says "Length cannot be less than zero. Parameter...
  8. Caribstu

    AI Congestion

    Hi I have built several tracks in BTB for use in GTR2 I am getting a problem with AI congestion. From race start the AI bunch into turn one and are extremely slow, not until around half way round the first lap to they begin to spread and reach racing speed. The first two or three corners they're...
  9. Silvanosilva Silva


    Please I need Help with This Error "Can't export Object reference not set to an instance of an object" Someone Canm HELP ME to SOLUTION PLEASE??
  10. A

    BTB Problem

    I installed BTB ouninpohja and when I try to open it opens the Kaihuavaara track. The files have been installed in the RX_Content folder. Can anybody help me.
  11. M

    BTB Bob's track builder ZaXXon methode new project 2018-05-28

    Working script for build track whith elevation data and KML files with Google Earth (Only version works with pygoogleearth script) and import to BTB. see Documentation inside
  12. pakete

    Circuito Gran Premio para Rfactor 2018-01-19

    Hola, aqui tienes una de mis pistas para que la disfrutes, tambien la teneis disponible para Rfactor, GtLeyend, Gtr2, Assetto Corsa y muchas pistas mas en: https://solodescargaes.***********/circuitos a disfrutar !! Un saludo
  13. pakete

    Circuito Ruta del Mar para Race07 2018-01-19

    Hola, aqui tienes una de mis pistas para que la disfrutes, tambien la teneis disponible para Rfactor, GtLeyend, Gtr2, Assetto Corsa y muchas pistas mas en: https://solodescargaes.***********/circuitos a disfrutar !! Un saludo
  14. Mankiewicz

    Control Tower 0.1

    This is a not very accurate version of the control tower from the Autodromo El Jabali (El Salvador)
  15. leobaruk1313

    Delete active license

    Hi... I have a license of BTB Pro active but I have to change my motherboard and format my PC... how can I delete the active license to upload a new license? Thanks all!!
  16. T

    Parking lot Autocross

    Hi everyone! I am currently working on a project to model a 4 wheel drive electric Formula Student car. I am using rFactor/Automobilista as a basis. I am looking for a tool with which I can easily and quickly create new track layouts with cones on an open parking lot/airfield. The video below...
  17. MonkeyTV

    Large Weed Barn 1.1

    Name : Large Weed Barn Type :Building Collision : None Tested : YES! Version 1.1 Can be scaled in X-Packer software. Made in Sketchup. Author : MonkeyTV
  18. Gardner78

    import materiales/object

    Hello everybody, it's possible to import objects/materiales from 3DSim Ed tracks and use them in BTB like an xpack?
  19. N

    Time gates don't measure time at hillclimb (non-closed) track

    Hey guys, wish somebody could help me, or my friend to be precise, with a problem. He makes hillclimb tracks in BTB. He's finnished everything, yet he is unable to have track time being measured when we actually race on it (in Rfactor). For some reason time doesn't start at all (and trust me i...
  20. Erwin Greven

    Tutorial AI on 8-shape tracks 1.0

    When building eight shaped tracks it is difficult to get the AIW right. This tutorial shows how to solve this problem. For this tutorial you need BTB and Guitarmans CAM-AIW editor. The idea is simple: An aiw-file is nothing more than a string of waypoints including information about track and...