1. Spudknuckles

    Legion Lotus 88B - High resolution skins 1.1 Final

    Here are a couple of high resolution (4K and 8K) skins for the Lotus 88B from Legion. The car is available from Legion's Blog (look under 'Other cars') or get it directly from his Google Drive. The Lotus 88 was an engineering masterpiece that would eventually break Colin Chapman's spirit...
  2. gamer19

    Eau Rouge. Stairways to heaven

    Really, I'm not a great fan of polls and those kind of stuff but I believe this question needs to be raised now again. I'm actually surprised that we don't have one yet. This thread can be in any other Motorsport section but ok... it's here. F1 is most popular so... Personally, I love the...
  3. Bram Hengeveld

    BTInternet emails banned

    [UPDATE: 05 Feb 18] It's been a month now and BT are still accepting mails. As a result the restriction on registration with their email addresses has been lifted. As of recently Btinternet emails have been banned as despite our continuing compliance with industry best practices for mail...