1. ZinixYT

    Bacfire on rpm limiter

    hi, how do i make backfire on rpm limiter on assetto corsa Edit: --SOLUTION-- This is a configurable backfire config to put in Car Folder > extension > ext_config.ini [EXHAUST_FLAMES] ANTILAG=0 ;unknown ANTILAG_DELAY=0.05 ;unknown ANTILAG_INTENSITY=2 ;unknown ANTILAG_INTERVAL_MAX=1.0 ;unknown...
  2. F

    General Flames Timing CSP

    Ive tried looking everywhere and see alot of other peoples questions going unanswered. If the creators of CSP or any modders out there that can explain how to mess with CSP backfire/flame timing. if there isnt a way then maybe a new setting in next update?? Ive tried messing with flames.ini...
  3. OldRebel

    New Flames for DRM Revival Mod 1.0

    I recently acquired the DRM Revival mod and, like many others, thought the backfire flames to be kind of over the top. The large glow they create seems pretty unrealistic to me. I really like the mod otherwise. I looked online for a file someone may have created to replace them but came up...