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audi rs3 lms tcr

  1. I

    2021 Comtoyou DHL Team AudiSport 1

    There's a possibility of me creating a 2021 WTCR skin pack, however, I may not have time in the future for it. But, I at least wanted to try my hand at two cars. So I picked Comtoyou DHL Team AudiSport to start off with. Enjoy!
  2. I

    2021 IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge Series TCR Grid 1.10

    Since the new TCR Virtual Series mod has been released, I've been busy porting over my IMSA MPC TCR liveries! Here are the first batches, the lovely Audis! #85 AOA Racing Audi RS3 LMS TCR #15 Techniseal Rockwell Autosport Development Audi RS3 LMS TCR #44 New German Performance Audi RS3...
  3. I

    2021 IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge Series TCR Grid 1.26

    Update - Aug 17, 2021 All TCR liveries are now in-game! ---Original Post--- After releasing my GS grid skin pack, I got the urge to complete the TCR grid as well. This livery pack is for the WTCR 2.0/3.0 mod, and there are some mapping/car issues. Some areas around the front/rear bumpers may...
  4. basthard300


    Finally I have completed my first version for the dash TCR, I hope you like them, and for every problem you do not exist to contact me. report any defect or omission. Some examples: Paul
  5. Leonardo Ratafiá

    Mod / App Requests Thread

    is it possible that we could see a Power and Glory Mod for AC, having Aristotelis worked for both? :)