That would be gr8, but only if the modding team chooses to move over to AC! An official P&G would be difficult from a licensing point of view.

David Wright

I think its highly unlikely the current P&G will be converted to AC. First the models are Simbins/Blimeys and the team would be uncomfortable using them in a non-Simbin game. Secondly the models are over seven years old and not up to the standard of the models which will come with AC.

On the other hand I am hoping Kunos will provide a "min-P&G" along with a "mini-GPL". They have talked about DLC after release. We know they have 5 Ferraris - some from the past. The Cobra license doesn't seem to be a problem - so how about a 250GTO vs a Cobra? They have the BMW license and a Ford license isn't hard to get so how about a BMW CSL vs Ford Capri RS?

I have no inside info about AC - this is just my speculation.

Rupe Wilson

I would not want ripped content to be used in another sim. But the idea of the cars from P&G would be a nice addition to AC. Or a selection that could be raced against each other. At the moment it is a bit hard to match the cars for races in P&G v3 but in GT Legends there are a good selection that will produce very simular times on tracks. These things all take time to produce but a nice classic collection is what im hoping for:thumbsup:



Can anyone advise on the accepted procedure for requesting a particular car? I'd dearly, dearly love to see the GT2 Corvette in Assetto Corsa, especially now that the M3 GT2 has been confirmed, and I've made an attempt to learn 3DS Max so that I can build it myself. However, with two little kids and a job 60 miles away from where I live, I've calculated that at current rate of progress (absolute beginner to Kunos-quality end product), it'll take me about 5-6 years to build it myself! And that would also mean I'd never, ever actually get to drive AC!

How does it work? Do I just post a request up here or elsewhere and see if anyone volunteers? Is it usually done for free or do you pay the modeller? Or perhaps more importantly, is anyone aware if this car is already being worked on by someone?

Many thanks


The C6R Corvette is going to be in the WSGT2 mod, which will be released in Assetto Corsa.

Hi mate

That's the old GT1 car wearing Larbre's GT2/E colours - to enduro nerds like me there's a world of difference :-D And RMT are still to confirm exactly what they're doing with regards to AC (although I'd be stunned and gutted if it didn't appear for it in some form or another)
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Hmm.. Since this thread is already here, it could be turned into a "general requests" thread for all requests, so they don't get thrown everywhere.
Fair enough, I'll start the ball rolling then :-D

Would anyone like to tackle the GT2 Corvette for Assetto Corsa?
If we had dirt and jumps in AC (don't think its going to happen :() that would be awesome!!!

Even if none of these get made its cool seeing what vehicles people want.
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