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assett corsa

  1. zelli

    Bristol Dirt NASCAR Cup Series 2020 V1

    Hey Guys, Today im sharing a skin i made for the Food City Bristol Dirt Race!! The original track has some very low res textures and the sponsors are completely out of date, so i decided to fix that!! If you do download this mod a sub on my YT channel would mean a lot!! You can subscribe here...
  2. P

    Honda NSX NC1 HYPER skin 1

    HONDA NSX NC1 HYPER WRAP How to install? Download the RAR file, then drag and drop to Content Manager. Social media: Follow me on instagram at: @konagdesign Some screenshots:
  3. JohnSickles

    Fiat 131 Racing "Paolo Diana" by MSC & GAmodding 2 version 1.1

    131 Racing Paolo Diana of MSC & GAmodding V1.0 -Modders Squadra Corse Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ModdersSquadraCorse - GA Modding Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GAModdingAC CREDITS: -3D modeling: "Giovanni Falci"; "Gaetano Lombardo"; "Alessio Vagelli" -Interior: "Gaetano...
  4. P

    Cpu load

    I have problem with ac, in game there is a warning" cpuload < 99%" but when i open task manager I have under 30% with 60 c temp(3900X), and gpu load is under 50%. Pls help
  5. K

    I can't change the amount of the rain in SOL plan selector.

    Hey, I can't change the amount of the rain in SOL plan selector because if I put it like to 25 it almost immediately changes back to 0. I have reinstalled AC and sol but it still doesn't work. Can someone help me please?
  6. JSoria

    Alpine A521 Winter Testing Skin 4.0

    Hi guys! I recently upload a fantasy helmet skin of F. Alonso for the next F1 season so I also decided to make a skin of the Alpine A521 Winter Testing to mix them together. The skin is made to use with the ACFL F1 2020 mod. It's 3.99€ right now in their web. Is for use it with the Renault...
  7. F1 2012 Assetto Corsa - Kimi Raikkonen Onboard Melbourne

    F1 2012 Assetto Corsa - Kimi Raikkonen Onboard Melbourne

  8. DaBomb330

    Mazda 787B @ Nordschleife

  9. C

    Sounds Sound modding

    Looking for a sweet heart to help me with a project i am working on. Need help with editing a sound bank (got as far as extracting and attempting to rebuild the sound bank in FMOD and lost the will to live) 1. Want to add siren to horn (unless a better option is available) 2. Reduce volume of...
  10. F

    Issue showing drivers in Assetto Corsa

    Hello, Currently I've installed several mods RSS, ASR, ACFL, SDD in AC. Now all of a sudden in some cars the drivers are gone IN VR (sometimes they are back); I've checked the asssetto_corsa.ini (there are two in my directory) - driver parameter; (one located in; "Common/assettocorsa/system"...
  11. M

    Apps Custom Shader dark interior problem on AC

    Using Custom Shaders Patch later versions than 1.42 I've got the interior of any car completely dark, outside is ok but inside the car everything is (almost) black. I tried to swatch off many option but the only way to fix that is to downgrade patch to 1.42... but doing that I can't use SOL. Has...
  12. wagter182

    Mod Downloads keep failing

    I have been trying to download cars and tracks, but my download randomly stops during different times during the download but never finishes. I have pretty decent internet so I doubt that is the issue. I have also tried with and without adblock plus and various download managers. I have only...
  13. A

    . 1.0

  14. mdupuis13

    AI file fir Meteor track 0.1b

    Personal AI file made for GT3s the Meteor fictional track. I made the AI line so as to avoid (or mitigate) the hard transitions at some places. You can find the track here.
  15. SPsant1ago

    skins Btcc_Alfa_Romeo_Giulietta V-03 New Color Btcc_Alfa_Romeo_Giulietta

    Nuevo color, versión mas estilizada cambio de color en los rines y aleron
  16. A

    Sebastian Vettel Fiorano 2014 Helmet 1.0

    I recreated the special helmet that Sebastian Vettel used in 2014 during his first test with the Scuderia Ferrari. This is my first job I hope you will like it.
  17. ntst22

    AC | RSS FH 2020 @Imola | 1:14.4 +Setup 1.0

    Setup Version 1.0, a few changes from the base setup. I have one in the works, but will require time before I make the car stable and handle well. Video of hotlap here:
  18. NachoRayen

    Audi TT Cup TeTeros Team Edition 1.0

    Nacho Rayen Skins This is a skin that comes from a design I saw on Pinterest of a Golf MK4. The only thing that seems are the colors, the format and everything that is seen in the car is totally recreated from scratch by me. The guys on the team were very pleased with the design. Attached images...
  19. GO KARTS in Assetto Corsa!

    GO KARTS in Assetto Corsa!

    Alle Klassen, viele Strecken! Go Karts sind dank Mod Support in Assetto Corsa kein Wunschtraum. Was die Dinger können und welche Strecken dafür perfekt geeignet sind, erfahrt ihr im heutigen Video!
  20. Isaac Chavira

    2020 IMSA Sprint Cup Number Panels and Classes 1.1

    These are the number panels for the 2020 IMSA Sprint Cup. Please enjoy. Alls classes are presnt.