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  1. Lt_Spirit

    Taira Capeta Helmet | ACSPRH 1.0

    A replica of the helmet that Taira Capeta used in the anime series. Una replica del casco que usaba Taira Capeta en el anime. ------------------¡Ojo! Cascos personalizados SOLO visibles con el mod ""ACSPRH ""------------------- -------------------¡Careful! Helmets ONLY visible with the...
  2. Rikkies

    Olli Caldwell Helmet V1.0

    The Helmet uses the transparant Stilo Wing
  3. Rikkies

    Jack Aitken ACSPRH v1.0

  4. Rikkies

    Lando Norris ACSPRH V1.0

  5. Rikkies

    Requests Assetto Corsa ACSPRH helmets

    Because of the many requests, I've decided to open a thread. I will try and make the helmet you request. I only need quality pictures of the helmet, preferably front & back, left & right and top. I'm currently already working on a Jack Aitken, Lando Norris (Rossi version), Louis Delatraz.
  6. Rikkies

    Robert Shwartzman ACSPRH V1.0

  7. Rikkies

    Sophia Flörsch ACSPRH v1.0

    The Helmet uses a transparent wing.
  8. Rikkies

    Callum Iliot ACSPRH V1.0

  9. Rikkies

    Sergio Sette Camara ACSPRH v1.0

  10. Rikkies

    Luca Ghiotto F2 Collection ACSPRH V1.0

    I you want a specific sponsor on the helmet just let me know in the comments and I will amend them. Don't forget to enjoy!
  11. Rikkies

    Oscar Piastri F2 Collection ACSPRH V3.2

  12. Rikkies

    Guanyu Zhou F2 Collection ACSPRH 1.0 1.0

    6 versions of Guanyu Zhou's helmet for Alpine. Also made 2 version for Renault in case of the 2020 season
  13. Rikkies

    Rubens Barrichello Collection ACSPRH 1.0

  14. Rikkies

    Dan Ticktum F2 ACSPRH V1.0

  15. Rikkies

    Dennis Hauger Helmet ACSPRH 1.0

    Got a request for a Dennis Hauger helmet. In the end I made two version. The normal white version and an electric yellow.
  16. Qtaro

    Aston Martin AMR21 for RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 2.2

    Aston Martin skin for the RSS FH2021 car. Includes ACSPRH helmets and driver suits. To install, drag the "content" folder from the zip file to: steamapps\common\assettocorsa Credits: ACSPRH https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/acsprh-real-helmets-for-assetto-corsa.26805/ Helmets...
  17. only_me99

    Esteban Ocon 2021 Helmet|ACSPRH 1.1

    Hey guys, i made Esteban Ocon new helmet for 2021, to use you will need ACSPRH, as said in the title of the mod. Download ACSPRH here I used @jvinu2000 template to do this helmet Hope you guys like it!
  18. JSoria

    Lando Norris Helmet 2021 @ Bahrein tests | ACSRPH Mod 2021-03-15

    Hi! I painted a skin with the camo design of the helmet worn by Norris in Bahrein. As the title says, the skin is made to use it with the ACSPRH mod made by Marco17_ok and following the templates of JVinu2000. Hope you guys like it! Keyshot Render. If you want to support, please consider...
  19. Rikkies

    G.Alesi Helmet F2 ACSPRH V1.0

    The First of hopefully many Helmets. Kicking of with Guliano Alesi son of former Formula One driver Jean Alesi.
  20. DannyDotCom

    Ayrton Senna Modern Helmet (ACSPRH mod) 1.0

    My first (well, technically second) ACSPRH helmet skin for public release. You need ACSPRH mod by @Marco17_ok here to use it: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/acsprh-real-helmets-for-assetto-corsa.26805/ If you already got the mod installed, just drop the files into skin folder(s) of...