1. Raffe

    ABB Livery V2 for McLaren 720S 2.0

    My unofficial ABB livey for the McLaren 720S, previously made for the 2020 and 2015 Mercedes. Available in both white and black/carbon. The livery is self installing, just drop the ACC folder into the one in your documents. Don't hesitate to leave feedback or suggestions!
  2. Raffe

    AMG GT3 2015/2020 ABB Livery 5.2

    A simple (unofficial) livey for the Merc GT3 2020 & 2015 ABB is a swedish swiss company operating in power, automation, heavy electrical equipment and robotics. It sponsors the Formula E championship. As it is my first livery it is quite simple and may need some improvements, feel free to give...
  3. DiRTyDRiVER

    Lotus Evora GTC - GTSBBC Pack 1.0

    Lotus Evora GTC - GTSBBC Pack #607 ABB (GT Legends) #615 MBB (ProjectCars 1+2) #416 FBB (Power&Glory) #916 KBB (GTR2) #114 SBB (Assetto Corsa) livery painted by DiRTyDRiVER