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  1. XFrancisX

    Abandoned satsuma v1.1

    Abandoned satsuma , is very hidden , is in the highway. Story is NOT touched. All deliver wood/sewage jobs are NOT touched. Hayosiko is unlocked Suski date is not touched to. Car is crashed on "highway" tree zone You start with 4350Mk Some parts are in fleetari shop Have a picture
  2. Solemito

    Augusta International Raceway 2.5

    VERSION 2.5 Notes: - HotLap Fixed - 5 Second Lap Fixed - Scenario updated - Better road texture - Fixed Extra Bright Feel free to contact me Credits: Solemar Bottcher E-mail for Contact: gpsgameplays@gmail.com
  3. K

    Abandoned Satsuma Save 1.3

    The satsuma belong to a rich family, they were keeping good care of it, but after 2 years after purchase the family bankrupted. Your grandmother told you about the abandoned house near the repair shop and an old car left to rot. You bought the vehicle in a salvage car auction for 6000 marks...