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Abandoned Satsuma Save

Abandoned Satsuma Save 1.3

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The satsuma belong to a rich family, they were keeping good care of it, but after 2 years after purchase the family bankrupted. Your grandmother told you about the abandoned house near the repair shop and an old car left to rot. You bought the vehicle in a salvage car auction for 6000 marks. Good luck!

This save contains:
- Clean house with food
- Computer (without games)
- Ruscko and pig house won
- 5000 marks
- Radar Buster and bottle of booze
- Every need is almost 0
- Register plates
- Full gasoline can

Note: Parts like the passenger seat, alternator and the stock radiator may be loose. Tools are in the house.

The parts are in the house, in the river under the bridge and in the barn near the railroad (with the junk car). This is my first msc save. Sorry for my English.

Latest updates

  1. Improvements

    - Moved the parts to another barn near the railroad - Found the sledgehammer (should be in the...

Latest reviews

i love it thanks so match
sorry for my english im swedish
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very good, any reason why gears don't work? probably something easy but any ideas why I cant drive while in gear?
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It's Really good!
I'm happy with your message! Just updated the save to make things better.
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