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Augusta International Raceway 2.5

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Latest updates

  1. 2.5 released

    - HotLap Fixed - 5 Second Lap Fixed - Scenario updated - Better road texture - Fixed Extra Bright
  2. Finally Better - Augusta International Raceway 2.4

    Update Highlights: - Lake - Trees - Up to 30 cars - A more immersive map

Latest reviews

the track is very funny.
AI pls more fast
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This track is very nice so far. The AI is leavig the track at some places and not taking advantage of the full track width on others. So I guess you need to add some sidelines. There are trackside objects missing (see here http://www.speedwayandroadracehistory.com/augusta-international-speedway.html). And please make the lake look nicer. I hope you will continue this project (and then fill in all info in the ui_track.json so we can keep track of the updates).
forget it, its all wrong this version, not correct with reality, i will release a big update with LIDAR Data, and scenario, thanks for playing in my track.
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