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  1. A

    Physics reworked for the two Maserati 250F 2019-09-13

    When I saw this I thought "Waaait, what?!" Yes, you see it too. The physics on both Kunos cars runs ahead of the visuals. But that isn`t the reason for the horrendous yaw wobble. That is simply the consequence of miscommunication between the two teams - physics and graphics. The later worked...
  2. Ben Dovah

    MASERATI 250F 6c 'GLITTERATI'. Versione Due

    Ben Dovah Garages Proudly presents MASERATI 250F 6c GLITTERATI I've managed to simulate an almost chrome/brushed metal look without editing any of Kuno's files. It's far from a perfect effect, but I like how it looks. Polished metal and checker. Fangio Replica. ...and The Green...