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Physics reworked for the two Maserati 250F 2019-09-13

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When I saw this
old 250F.jpg
I thought "Waaait, what?!" Yes, you see it too. The physics on both Kunos cars runs ahead of the visuals. But that isn`t the reason for the horrendous yaw wobble. That is simply the consequence of miscommunication between the two teams - physics and graphics. The later worked with the proper center of gravity (CG) of 0.48 front and the physics is 0.52 front CG.
250F specs.jpg

Of course that means all the suspensions are incorrect and the behavior of the car is not what Stirling Moss once described as "The nicest Formula One car to drive".
Here I go again correcting all that`s not right and balancing the setup so you can enjoy it too and remember again the words of one true master after his win at the Nurburgring 1957: "When it was all over I was convinced I would never be able to drive like that again - never, I had reached the limit of my concentration and will to win." J.M. Fangio.

Installation: make a copies of the folders "ks_maserati_250f_6cyl" and "ks_maserati_250f_12cyl" in your "..\AssettoCorsa\content\cars\". Rename the copies to "ks_maserati_250f_6cyl_AB" and "ks_maserati_250f_12cyl_AB". Rename the sound banks in each of the two "sfx" subfolders to match the car`s folder

Extract this new physics from the "250F.7z" into "..\AssettoCorsa\content\cars\" and confirm to overwrite. Your DLC cars are not going to be modified and you will be able to use them as before. This adds two 250F`s respectively named T1 and T2
Laps NBR.jpg


If you want more vibrations in the steering you can mess up the dampers on the front axle in setup and the FFB will look even more edgy than the above graph. Mind the effect of that on the turn-in and corner exit.

Some sources of info:


These two modified cars are not expected to work online.

Happy driving!

Latest reviews

Thankyou! I can finally drive the 250F without getting seasick ;)
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This is spectacular, in a subtle way lol. It allows you to feel a little of the magic that you would feel if you were in a real 250f. Thank you so much for doing this, I will tell everyone I can about it.
Thanks a lot! Yes, that "old" Assetto game is worth talking about still. And to have even more stuff for it. No other can beat it on that front.
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Simply awesome thanks for sharing
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This is probably my all time favorite race car and with your new rework, it is even more fun to drive! Thank you so much, it's most appreciated!
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Like other reviewers, I love the 250F but the AC car was no fun at all. You fixed it! It's a blast - the slides are sublime :-)
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Fantastic! I always wanted to like this car, but it felt off, wobbly and strange. You fixed it. It still is a handful to drive, but now you know what to do and can rely on its behaviour. Bravo!
Also tested the alpine, same thing there, I could make a large list of mods that I´d want you to fix, because I like the cars but they drive like cr..p :-)
Well, I`m not up for doin` a full wish list but if you suggest 1-2 cars that are really significant for the game I`ll think about it.
Put a message in the Support tab later on.
God bless!
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Thanks for putting your time and effort into making AC an even better sim. I love you. (no but seriously)
It` s nice to be loved even if on the web :)
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wow, now it's really as discribed. now you can move this thing to the limits.... :) thanxalot!
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Really nice!
Keep it coming please!
Thank you!
Will do more soon.
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Wow, I'm finally able to drive this car, instead of fighting it at the very end of the grid. Love the fact that you explained what was wrong with it before - not that it was necessary but now it "feels" even more real ;)
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Yes! Thank you! I makes so much more sense now. Good job.
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Hat's off, sir! The car is sublime to drive.

Thank you!
I`m blushing :))
You`re welcome!
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