1. itsDraik

    Pennzoil Nismo JGTC livery 1.0

    Hello, im itsDraik, and i'm back with one of my favourite liveries. I present to you all the Pennzoil Nismo JGTC Team from 1999. This team was the winner of the 1998 JGTC Championship, with E.Comas and S.Motoyama on the steering wheel, with the number 23 on the car. But on 1999 they put the...
  2. speedracer1893

    RSS Formula 2000 V10 Skin Pack 1999 2019-12-24

    Hard work to paint the RSS Formula 2000 V10 Skin Pack 1999 Helmet painting was really exhausting. I'm not a good helmet painter and I don't like it, but I did my best. Car Pay Mod: https://racesimstudio.com/shop
  3. speedracer1893

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2019 BAR 01, BAR 01 "ZIP" 1999 2019-09-30

    BAR 01 and BAR 01 "ZIP" Version Driver #22 Jacques Villeneuve #23 Ricardo Zonta ZIP Version
  4. Toni Martin

    Cars TM Formula Royale 1999

    Hello guys of RD! I'm here since May 2018, but it wasn't until today that I created my first thread here at RD. :) So this project started back on early 2019, but I haven't got any time to work in Blender. Bad news is that I lost all my modeling files, but luckily this project it was not even...
  5. dead end

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2019 - Williams Supertec FW21.19 1.0

    Fictional Williams FW21 livery for the RSS Formula Hybrid 2019 (http://racesimstudio.com/) based on the 1999 Williams Supertec (A car livery that was very divisive, But I always had a fondness for it, growing up). Includes #6 David Schumacher (Son of Ralf Schumacher) skin and a quick concept...
  6. A

    #1 #2 #3 Toyota GT-one TS020 Le Mans 1999 by Virtua Simulazioni 0.99

    the 3 cars trying to take the Le Mans crown back home to Japan, but ultimately failing mostly due to an exploding tyre on Car #3 in the final hour and 2 early retirements on the other cars. Enjoy the skins, Helmets for main drivers to follow
  7. 00Hunter00

    1999 Nissan Primera BTCC - 90's Kid Livery 2.0

    Update 2.0: Lowered file size down to 8.1MB Mod car -1999 Nissan Primera BTCC https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/1999-nissan-primera-btcc.3828/
  8. pablotill

    MCLAREN MERCEDES MP4/14 (1999) 2018 2018-11-10 V1

    Based on this car Here it comes a beautiful MP4/14 WDC. I think its one of my best cars. Troubles: - Mirroring effect (only 1 sticker) - A few sponsors I can't put - Pint in a few zones. - I did only the number 4. If you need and specific number, tell me, because i cant do 99 numbers.
  9. P

    Fujifilm BTCC Primera 2018-11-09

    Fictional skin For the 1999 Btcc primera mod https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/1999-nissan-primera-btcc.3828/ This is my first skin so any advice is appreciate :)
  10. pablotill

    West McLaren Mercedes (F1 2018) + Suit 2018-10-26

    This mod doesn't work online This is the Mclaren F1 but looks like 20 years before (try to be similar). Also, the suit, is the same of McLaren in 1998. Some ideas will wellcome. I will update if its necessary. HOW TO INSTALL? STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3
  11. Viruz_Pro

    Formula NA 1999 - Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro 1.01

    This Livery was inspired by the Ferrari F1 Car from 1999, the F399 The skin is in 4K Additional Sponsorless Black Front Wing Ferrari Pit Wall and Pit Board Oval and Road version Credits: @Johnr777 for the "Good Year" Tires!
  12. Johnr777

    VRC NA 1999 and 2012 - New Tire Textures 1.0

    INSTALL >> very simple, unzip file, then copy and paste the included folders to the "skins" folder of the corresponding mod (1999 and 2012, road and oval). Replaced the fake names with the real ones, tweaked textures + specular, re-did the motion blur and normals maps. The 2 mods look more...
  13. TheSourceOfTheNile

    VRC Formula NA 1999 - Marlboro Penske PC27b 1.1

    Marlboro Penske PC27b Over 20 hours of work has gone into creating my personal favorite car from the 1999 CART Season. Every logo for this car has been remade in 4K resolution to provide the most accurate recreation of the car possible. A lot of work has gone into creating this skin, so...
  14. Ricardo Gomes

    VRC Formula NA 1999 - PENSKE Racing (Marlboro Livery) 1.2

    1999 CART #2 and #3 cars, with accurate logos, chrome suspensions, correct numbers, details, and more. *Also comes with a correct Json file with driver names, nationality and team name. V 1.2 Changelog -DELETE PREVIOUS VERSIONS -Oval and road versions tweaked. -tweaked some minor details and...
  15. speedyx56

    Dodge Viper RT10 Team Oreca Edition 1.0

    More If you also have my Viper Team Oreca liveries for the GTS-R installed, you will be asked if you want to replace some files. This is normal as this livery uses the same driver and pitcrew textures. .psd files Uncompressed textures Uncompressed screenshots :
  16. speedyx56

    #51 #52 #53 Viper GTS-R Team Oreca 1999 (RSS Vortex V10) 1.0

    More Excluding some differences because of the different bodykit, I believe this is the most accurate replica of these liveries done in any video game. .psd files Uncompressed textures Uncompressed screenshots
  17. Iketani

    AudioLoids 1999 Nissan Primera BTCC Soundmod 1.1

    AudioLoids (Iketani and McSaltens) 1999 Nissan Primera BTCC soundmod PREVIEW: It is not allowed to use this file for any comercial use. By downloading and extracting these files, implies you accept our policy. All rights for this soundmod reserved to AudioLoids, José Llamas and Albert Sultan...
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