WRC Generations Coming to PC and Console This October

A new WRC title from the Nacon and KT Racing team is coming to PC and console this October featuring new and classic rally cars.

Details are sparse so far, but rally sim fans will be racing the latest generation of rally cars, plus 37 classic rally cars in a new title known as WRC Generations this October.

The announcement from the official WRC game account showed some cinematic shots of the new title, which appear to have a lot in common with recent installments in KT Racing's WRC series.

The announcement referenced the seven year period where KT Racing (Kylotonn) has held the development rights to the WRC series. This is soon coming to an end, as Codemasters will reassume the rights beginning next year.

WRC Generations will be the first WRC game title to feature hybrid powertrains, and will target recreating the 2022 WRC series. But much like WRC 10, classic content will be a key feature of the title.

The closing screen of the announcement video shows that Steam, the Epic Store, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X/S will each be getting a version of WRC Generations.

What are your thoughts on this announcement? Are you a fan of KT Racing's rally titles to date? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @RaceDepartment!
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Thanks Mike.
Rally fans' ultimate Christmas..

[ from Steam ] :
" In order to make the representation of the championship even more realistic, a completely redesigned Rally Sweden environment has been added, with 6 brand-new special stages in the Umea region.

New features:

  • The new hybrid vehicles
  • New, even more realistic vehicle physics
  • A LEAGUES mode in which you can challenge other players
  • Share livery and stickers with the community
  • In-game team creation and management
  • PC version will follow later..
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Bert Austen
Whe will see of this a lot better is then the wrc game from now (i hope) and last but least as my favority now Dirt 2.0:O_o:
This looks like a solid game to get, considering it is the last, and therefore best, of the KT games.
Who knows whether CMs do a better job or not. Their multiplayer mode is amazing, but I am not sold on the physics.
Hope it's better than WRC 10!
Be really good if it comes with proper wheel, pedals and and handbrake options.......:whistling:
I think not. With each "new" game they become more and more careless about quality. Maybe the physics is getting better, there are new features, but the basic things like night lighting, collision shells (when you hit a wall half a meter away from it), bugs in the interface, and other things are very annoying. And this game they are likely to leave unfinished, especially since they are losing the license.
if they don't support shared memory telemetry that means no motion will work or buttkickers. If true, then this title is garbage as a sim.
I am a bit confused, I thought codemasters now under EA was obtaining the rights to WRC. I was under the impression WRC10 was the last in development from the previous studio?
Unfortunately, I've bought the V10 last year and uninstalled it after a few month cause FFB is just awful with my T500RS. I don't understand how a racing game like this can have such a bad feeling with a wheel!
I'll not buy this one for sure.
haven't seen VR comment's yet...Better ask then! "Graps popcorn"
What's funny is that I recently picked up RBR and it has good VR. I can run 120fps with 150% super sampling with zero reprojection. I can't do that in DR 2.0 at 90fps. You can even pick up RBR for free. It has piles of content and an online racing community. Go figure! I'm just starting with it, but it feels a lot more connected than DR 2.0 does.

Not only that but I have motion support, tactile support, G-Belt Support and an excellent FFB profile for my SC2 Pro.

I still find it amazing that the mod community is keeping a title that old working well enough to be relevant in 2022.

So as a VR only sim guy, I'm not complaining about WRC not having VR one bit. I'm also not going to be one of those guys who says all rally titles are bad except RBR. I'll just say that I'm pretty happy with the titles I can play in VR right now.
If it’s like the last WRC, buggy, no motion support, FFB all over the place…yeah!…can’t wait.
haven't seen VR comment's yet...Better ask then! "Graps popcorn"
I can't see the devs spending time and money, implementing VR, when their WRC deal comes to an end after this game. Best to wait for EA's first official version next year. And I want VR as much as the next VR guy!
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I don't expect VR support, no chance since CM/EA got the license for the future; so they won't invest in this title at all. So of course no buy.

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