WRC10 November update adds some exciting content for offline and online modes for both PC and consoles. Unfortunately there is no mention of any fix for a bug which it seems most PC players suffer with.

First off, if you haven't played the WRC games in the last couple of years you're missing out as they are actually really quite good. Don't get me wrong, they are far from perfect but if you want a realistic driving experience and extremely fun rally stages then checking out WRC10 is a must. I know you can get steam refunds pretty easily now days but I think if KT Racing were to offer a demo of WRC10 people would be able to see the quality of the game with no commitment whatsoever.

For WRC 10 fans (like me) this November update has been highly anticipated for a number or reasons. The promise of new content and hoping for some fixes has been enough to keep me from starting my career mode in case anything was added there which I would have missed out on.

A new rally in the form of the EKO Acropolis Rally with 9 stages will please many, including me. But, having seen the season Finale at Monza for the last couple of years I was really hoping it was going to make an appearance here. I don't know if it's a licensing issue but there are now two opportunities where the WRC game could have featured sections of iconic road race tracks with the aforementioned Monza but also Spa Francorchamps in the Ypres Rally.

The other key highlight from this update is the inclusion of Richard Subaru Impreza WRC from the year 2000. This will no doubt get a ton of milage by most players of the game.

I have yet to try the online features in any great detail with WRC10 but there have been a number of improvements to the clubs options meaning a more realistic rally experience with damage carrying over from stage to stage and option of perma-crash mode meaning you only get one shot at the stage.

**Note to KT Racing** I think I speak for the majority of the two million members on RD when I say we crave more realism in all our games. So having a mode like Perma-Crash as an option is brilliant and massive step in the right direction. However, it makes absolutely no sense to me if you have an Ott Tanak style Monte Carlo Rally Crash where you fly off a cliff. You are respawned with a five second penalty and minimal damage... It literally makes no sense, especially when this rather embarrassing Gus Greensmith accident all but ended his rally.

Anyway, back to the November update. There are bunch of other extras and fixes but there is one that I think most PC players of the game were hoping to hear was fixed and that is frame rate drops. Last year I could play WRC9 with near enough High to Full graphics, this year I am running the game with next to minimum and I still get the issue. I thought it was just me but I spoke to Mike about it he has the same problem, My other mate who plays it has the problem and it seems most of the reviews and content creators on YouTube mention this problem too. It's not game endingly bad but it's pretty bloody close. Rally games are probably the last racing sim that can afford frame rate drops like this. KT Racing, please fix this.

All in all though I am excited to try the latest update. If you haven't tried WRC 10 yet and you like rally games, give it go you won't be disappointed. Just don't give up if you don't like the driving experience right away. I put a couple of hours into getting my FFB and controls sorted. Totally worth it in the end though.

Here are all the patch notes for PC and consoles.

  • New 2021 Rally
    • EKO Acropolis Rally Greece (9 stages)
  • New Historical Events
    • Argentina 1994: Didier Auriol / Bernard Occelli - Toyota Celica Turbo 4W
    • Argentina 2004: Carlos Sainz / Marc Martí - Citroën Xsara WR
    • Deutschland 2002: Sébastien Loeb / Daniel Elena - Citroën Xsara WR
    • Kenya 2000: Richard Burns / Robert Reid - Subaru Impreza WR
    • Mexico 2016: Jari-Matti Latvala / Miikka Anttila - Volkswagen Polo
  • 1 new Historical car has been added to the game:
    • Subaru Impreza WRC - 2000 (Richard Burns & Robert Reid)
  • Fixed Dirts on vehicles
  • Improved car engine sounds for the Porsche 911 & Ford Fiesta Rally 2
  • New Mode: Realistic Mode
    • In this mode, vehicle damage is carried over between stages
    • You can add service parks to the stage to repair your car
    • Certain service parks are automatically added when you change surface, while others can be added manually as desired.
    • If your car becomes unfit to continue during the special stage, you will be disqualified from the current event
    • You have only one attempt for each special stage
  • All Modes
    • You can enable a power stage, points will be added directly to the overall leaderboard and this stage will be the last of the event
    • You can impose a Camera View (Dynamic chase, Fixed chase, Bumper, Bonnet, Cockpit or Dash)
    • You can impose an Assistance (ABS+TCS, ABS or TCS) while creating an event
Livery Editor
  • 250 new stickers have been added to the library
Career Mode
  • Fixed a crash when scrolling through the recruitable crew members
PC Only


  • Added Spatialized sound option
  • Added option to disable Logitech and Thrustmaster API
  • Fixed various FFB related crash with steering wheels
PlayStation 4 Only


  • Fixed a crash after being demoted to Junior and completed a Manufacturer challenge to sign a new WRC3 contract
  • Fixed a crash in several events (incl. Anniversary Events, Rally and Manufacturer Tryouts) in WRC3 & WRC Junior
PlayStation 5 Only

Livery Editor

  • Fixed issues related to saving liveries
  • Fixed a crash when starting a Rally or Manufacturer event sometimes
  • Fixed a crash in several events (incl. Anniversary Events, Rally and Manufacturer Tryouts) in WRC3 & WRC Junior
Xbox Consoles Only
  • Fixed issue related to joining a Lobby
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