TrackDayR | Major Update with 4 New Tracks & Custom Multiplayer

TrackDayR, one of the continuously updated and maintained bike racing games, received its new update on January 26. The update includes, amongst others, 4 completely new tracks and custom multiplayer races.


This major new update has made a few exciting changes to the game.
  • Creating Multiplayer Races - players can now create lobbies by themselves with up to 22 players
  • New Penalty System - anti-cut system to give penalties to players taking shortcuts
  • Grid Girls
  • 4 new tracks, including 3 supercross tracks
  • Text Chat during Races
  • Physics Updates - Improved suspension physics, improved surface contact point on jumps, improved MX tyre model

Full Changelog​

  • new multiplayer race mode
  • new multiplayer settings sharing mode
  • new host options selection window
  • new starting procedure from the gate
  • new tracks ( AlamedaSX, Millcreek SX, Orancge County SX, TARN MX )
  • new surface reading system on jump
  • improved fastbump simulation on suspensions
  • general suspension bump/rebound improvement
  • flip bug fix
  • reset camera bug fix
  • saved camera TPS
  • improved pit stop retire functionality
  • improved positioning in multiplayer
  • added chat function (T key)
  • improved rear wheel traction
  • improved control in air
  • quick restart and instant go to box
  • fixed music menu in game
  • new shader for the whole terrain system
  • LOT OF MINOR FIXES - sincerely we have lost count of them :p
A known issue is persisting at the moment:
  • old rider model on ghost laps in TimeattackR are broken
Leaderboard times may be wiped partially due to that.
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