RENNSPORT to Break Radio Silence in June

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The announcement of a brand new racing simulation created noticeable excitement in the summer of 2022 when RENNSPORT was first unveiled - the project has since gone on to host the very first sim racing esports competition in ESL history, with big teams like Team Redline or G2 Esports on the virtual grid. Meanwhile, the average sim racer is still waiting even for beta access, and the last official bit of news in this regard was published in late January.

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Set to be an all-new sim built from scratch, RENNSPORT set out to revolutionize not just sim racing esports, but the modding community as well, planning to provide modders with bespoke tool kits for the sim to create content. Initially, the closed beta, for which sim racers could sign up as early as September 2022, would be underway by the end of last year.

No Beta Date Yet​

This date could not be met and was moved to early February - a self-imposed deadline RENNSPORT also could not fulfill. Instead, sim racers were informed in late January that the start of the closed beta had been postponed, this time without giving a new date to look forward to.

Meanwhile, ESL R1, as the esports competition is called, has seven of its eight rounds befor their Spring Major on June 3rd and 4th already under its belt, leading to some of the sim racing community questioning this divided approach.

Though not official news, RENNSPORT CEO Morris Hebecker shared an interesting announcement during his guest appearance on the Grid Finder Sim Sundays podcast: "We definitely will have a reasonable amount of race tracks and cars by the beginning of next year." Then, a more complete version of the sim should be available - "I wouldn't say it's a release, but kind of a release", says Hebecker.

At the time of writing this article, RENNSPORT's car roster consists of five cars, four of which are in the GT3 category. There are four tracks available, one of which is not a circuit but a point-to-point track.


  • Audi R8 LMS GT3 Evo II
  • BMW M4 GT3
  • Mercedes-AMG GT3 Evo
  • Porsche 911 GT3 R (992)
  • Porsche Mission R


  • Goodwood Hillclimb
  • Hockenheimring
  • Nürburgring
  • Spa-Francorchamps

The recent silence does not mean that the RENNSPORT team has not been hard at work behind the scenes in the meantime: Hebecker promises that at the RENNSPORT Summit in Munich - at which the ESL R1 Spring Major is going to be held - in June, "we definitely will have four or five new cars that we will show there, and also new race tracks."

Getting the Beta underway is the top priority right now though, as Hebecker explains: "There are so many people on the wait list, and the only thing we have on our Discord server is that they ask 'when can we have a go at the Beta?' We need our time. Wait until the summer, then we can show what it will look like."

What are your thoughts on what is on the road ahead for RENNSPORT? Let us know in the comments!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


“We will have concept cars, we will have historic cars and open wheels,” Hebecker said. “We will be giving a keynote speech at the beginning of June this year. Last year, we started with esports racers…and got their feedback. This year we're going to start telling the story of what we're planning with modding, with all the content and so on. We will definitely say a little more about what kind of content will be available… and we will have four or five new cars to show and new circuits as well.”
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So, it seems the hoped for big hype and subsequent investment they were expecting didnt pan out. The fact that the beta is delayed is a tell tale sign that they are struggling with development.

So in face of this, it seems they decided to shift strategy, and now are going hard in on the "look, we will create this amazing modding platform!" next, possibly hoping to do another AC1, a bare bones game with some official content, with which they will try to sellout to some big publisher or company, based on "amazing potential growth" due to strong initial sales and that all important caveat that they keep harping about: NFTs. They are hoping that the paymod teams will show up in force, and they can profit from it, but more importantly, sell it out as a huge potential untaped market, like supposedly the esports one was going to be (it's not).
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If they continue releasing GT3 cars, it will be a terrible decision. They must show this sim can and will be varied.
I agree, but it's relatively early in development. The includion of the Goodwood hillclimb looks like a good indicator of at least some car variety.
Still no VR news. And all video's got massive blur from deferred rendering and even worse shadow/level of detail pop in compared to ACC, and also no adjustable mirrors (which has the worst in VR at this moment). All limited by their wrong engine choice.
Durge Driven
Same tracks, same cars, yet another GT only game.

Can't be more boring than that.

The thing amazes me is no one but me that I can tell think it's a good idea that all these use the same engine.

Then why would you need 6 of them ? What would be the point ? :x3:

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