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RaceRoom Quietly Releases One of Its Best Cars

Sector 3 Studios updated RaceRoom Racing Experience this week and released one of its best cars: the Mercedes AMG GT4 2020.

A new build for RaceRoom Racing Experience brought a new car to the racing sim this week. The Mercedes AMG GT4 2020 was added to the RaceRoom Store with little in the way of build-up to the release, and an understated announcement.

While GT4 class cars aren’t as powerful or popular as their GT3 counterparts, this particular GT4 may surprise some in the sim community with how fun it is to drive. The car is well done in every facet and ranks among the best recent entries for RaceRoom.

RaceRoom Mercedes GT4 02.jpg

The interior and exterior on the Merc are nicely detailed, and the sounds are the best-in-gaming quality we’ve come to expect from Sector 3. Most importantly, the car is a blast to drive. It is deceptively heavy, so it has a tendency to understeer if overdriven, but after a few short laps the driving experience becomes a fast and amusing treat with nearly every curb in play. RaceRoom’s recently overhauled FFB complements the car perfectly as well.

The Mercedes is the seventh car in the field of GT4s for RaceRoom, joining Audi, BMW, Lotus, KTM and two Porsches. RaceRoom allows for fully customizable AI fields, so you can set up races against other GT4s, GT3s, or any of the dozens of other car classes on offer. And yes, those who crave racing GT cars at Nordschleife but haven’t been able to in their other favourite sim can do so here in RaceRoom.

The car is now for sale in the RaceRoom Store for 399 vRP (~$5 USD). Remember that you can test drive any of the cars in RaceRoom for free by simply entering the store in game and clicking “Test Drive”.

RaceRoom Mercedes GT4 03.jpg

Have you tried the new Mercedes AMG GT4 2020? Let us know your thoughts on the car, and how it compares to the Mercedes GT4 in Assetto Corsa Competizione if you’ve tried both.
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Mike Smith
I have been obsessed with sim racing and racing games since the 1980's. My first taste of live auto racing was in 1988, and I couldn't get enough ever since. Lead writer for RaceDepartment, and owner of SimRacing604 and its YouTube channel. Favourite sims include Assetto Corsa Competizione, Assetto Corsa, rFactor 2, Automobilista 2, DiRT Rally 2 - On Twitter as @simracing604


Great car! Love Raceroom. Just really would like the graphics to look better than Xbox 360.
Graphics don't matter much tbh as long as sounds and physics are good in my opinion. Now if Raceroom adds offline it will become the perfect offline sim for me.
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The problem I have with modern cars is the differences aren't as obvious so I'm less compelled to buy one-offs like this when I already have all the GT4 cars. The group 5 cars are all VERY different, massively so in some areas but driving GT3/4 stuff doesn't require much technique refinement.

I recently bought just one car in the WTCR 2020 pack as from owning the rest of WTCR packs there's no massive differences in feel imo.
Loving RRE since the FFB update. GT4, WTCR and the M235i have been my go to cars lately. Have got the new AMG GT4, but haven't had much time lately to give it a proper go.
Is there any chance to see night racing and dynamic weather
It's been 10yrs since release, so very unlikely untill they move to a new engine which has been rumoured for some time now....unless they surprise us and add new code to implement alot of track tech that is missing.
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When race department gave 4/5 for wrc 10 i understand their testing team is very very weak, wrc 9 i tried way better optimized and there is no speach about wrc 10 which is maybe in beta stage after realease! So do not care about r3e as it is quit good but no where good as iR! Yap r3e has good feeling on ffb maybe need more details on tires, but it is subjective, but graphics is so shotty and stutters in some tracks as i do not know why even practice single car, it is still not the way to go sim. Btw sound is really great!
NO cool they remove the disount for owners of the gt4 pack no to mention to the premium pack, that discount was one of the key features distinguished them from the competition
Is there any chance to see night racing and dynamic weather?

I just want to get in, but don't want to spend a lot of money on just new content on a sim with no future.

Is there any road map on the development?
How does night racing and dynamic weather determine whether a sim has a future? Raceroom survived for 8 years despite playerbase being much lower than it is now for the most time. If anything, R3E is slowly making a breakthrough. And those two features are mostly superfluous anyway unless you're a dedicated endurance racer.

And since its F2P, you can get in for nothing. If you find it fun, you can buy a cheap starter pack and have access to ranked servers every week.
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I want to like this game, but RR delivers to me the most boring numb FFB on the market with my SC2 Pro and it basically feels like a rubberband with rumble effects. Every time I had decent FFB with this game like in May/June last year, they kill it with an update. The experience with other wheels may differ, but for me it's just driving by experience and sound rather than feel on the limit. Even WRC 10 is a lot better in terms of FFB once tweaked while AMS2 and rF2 are completely in a different universe. The FFB in rF2 was disappointing as well with the SC2 Pro, but this has changed, if it's due to better physics or a better profile.
I had the same feeling not long ago. Then I added little bit of Steering Feedback Foundation (I am using Accuforce wheel with Sim Commander software) and the numb feeling around the center is gone. I start to love R3E ffb again. Thank god for Sim Commander!
And those two features are mostly superfluous anyway unless you're a dedicated endurance racer.
Probably you're still "surviving" if you think those features are appreciated only in endurance racing.

I feel bad for you if in 2021 you still do not enjoy sprint races during sunset, or different cloud covers, or with rain, or just 30 mins racing in the night.

You don't know what you're missing!
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I own all of the racing sims available in the market paired with a CSW 2.5 wheel base and based on my experience I can tell you that R3E is a top notch racing sim. I believe this sim is here to stay at least for more 10 years or even more.. physics and FFB are the best and who cares about graphics when you get so much fun on the driving experience. I've read somewhere that graphical improvements are on the list for possible future development bringing this title to DX11/12.
Probably you're still "surviving" if you think those features are appreciated only in endurance racing.
Oh, I'm sure they're appreciated beyond that. You can very much appreciate superfluous things, but that doesn't make them essential at any rate.

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