GT7 back to live events after a busy week

Exactly a week after the first official online event broadcast, Gran Turismo 7 will see its first live event being livestreamed. In the meantime, the official trailer for the 1.19 update dropped, and confirms the cars we were expecting from the teaser posted by Kazunori Yamauchi.

With the addition of new scapes being advertised, a very unexpected environment has been revealed: the Tomica Town, which in a way echoes a bit to the Hot Wheels content featured in Forza Horizon.


But for more details about the update, you'll have to wait until it's deployed on Thursday, as the patch notes should provide the more interesting bits of the new version.

With 1.19 being so fresh right before a competitive event, one can wonder about stability and potential bugs influencing the results, as happened on Sunday: while Baptiste Beauvois was leading the race with a significant margin, on the last lap, a curb glitch (well known bug since GT sport) sent him spinning through no fault of his own., putting him out of World Tour points despite a flawless race. The hiccup was refered to as driver error by commentator Tom Brooks during the race, and again later by the Gran Turismo community manager in a tweet showing the onboard of the incident making the bug pretty obvious, generating quite a storm of the action - all of that after Beauvois posted about it on his own socials. The tweet has since then been deleted.

Meanwhile, the Manufacturers race was pretty uneventful - not helped by the fact 2 drivers were not able to connect from internet and power cuts - due to a fuel saving focused combo which highlighted balance issues in the BoP more than anything else. But for this week-end's race, a specific BoP will be used for the Manufacturers race, and it has been produced and tested by no other than Mikail Hizal, who's universally considered as one of the very best simracers by his peers.

Manufacturers and Nations cup will air respectively on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st Saturday, both times at 7pm UTC. While Gran Turismo advertises it as live shows, rumors are the broadcast will be produced with a delay, with racing action being cut. The reason for this would be the races format: in a departure from past events, which usually featured very short races in rapid fire, this time around the number of laps per race is more substantial, and more in line with what people would expect from top level racing events.

The details about the race structure of the weekend are listed here. The Manufacturers cup final returns to the more interesting endurance format with driver swaps, a minimum amount of laps required per driver, and a pit window.

Conversely, the drivers list is also available here. The Nations lineup is not too different from last week, aside the fact that a bit more drivers are involved, most of them being already known in the field. But Manufacturers teams involve a more chaotic distribution of talent, with a good number of people new to high level events. This is due to 3 factors: the selection process through the online qualifiers, a lack of interest in the series from previous competitors, and some spots requiring replacements to be called in due to ineligibility or defections. For instance, Jay O'Dowd will be filling in for Will Murdoch, prevented from taking part by Polyphony for being under 18.

Edit: Andrew Brooks revealed he just got tested positive to COVID, so he will be missing the event. We don't know if he will be replaced at this stage. The only realistic solution this close to the event would be to pick a north american driver from the Manufacturers roster if they're in line behind Brooks in the online regional standings.

As per last time, you can go in GT7 and try to predict who the winners will be this time around. My bets are going to Jose Serrano and Team Subaru. What are yours ?
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Hi, Jay O'Dowd here. Minor correction to make on the Manufacturers Cup qualifying system, I'm the substitute for Dstinct_Veltro/Yuki Kodaka:

Erik Cases fills in for Will Murdoch, but they were equal on points and one could argue that Erik should've won the tiebreaker in the first place, having the highest single round score.

I don't think they're planning to replace any competitors who got COVID (Miyazono is out too), as otherwise they would've put Connor Healy in the Nations Cup to replace Andrew Lee (physical issues). Perhaps they may give EMEA more spots in the repechage now that the other two regions have such small fields.

As for me, I'm in Munich trying to recover from a rough flight in. We transfer by bus to Salzburg tomorrow. Hopefully the efforts to get up to speed on a wheel at home translate to me putting in a solid, safe stint.
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