Forza Horizon snatches Extreme E license

Through an announcement tweet on the Forza Horizon dedicated official account, Turn 10 just teased the addition of the official car to the Extreme E series, the Spark ODYSSEY 21, advertising more details to be unveiled this Monday during a livestream on Twitch

Extreme E is a rally raid championship, built and promoted by the Formula E creators. It features a spec chassis, battery, ECU and suspension, with each team being granted freedom on a few body panels, lights, and engine if they wish to supply their own instead of the provided by default power unit, which is the same as featured in Formula E.

We can assume the version featured in Forza Horizon 5 will be the default package ODYSSEY 21, as evidenced by the teaser picture, with the 400 kW (550 bhp) all electric powertrain pulling a total weight of 1780kg.

We can wonder if the licensing deal includes an exclusivity clause, or if things remains open for other racing games. As Extreme E is struggling to gain popularity and find a public, keeping more options available to promote the series would probably be the instinctive choice for most, but at the same time, the amount of racing games in which the addition of this car would make sense seems low.

The ODYSSEY 21 wouldn't really fit into circuit racing dedicated titles, so that basically leaves iRacing, Gran Turismo and rally games, but they all have cons. iRacing's playerbase is limited, and taps in a niche of people who probably already know Extreme E exists. Gran Turismo's rally aspect is weak at best, and the studio is known for taking months to just build a 3D car model. As for the rally games of this year, WRC supports a competing motorsport license. This leaves the upcoming Dakar Desert Rally as the last potential match, as Spark's Extreme E machine has run the famous race, but no evidence of it being featured in this game exist yet, which seems a bit surprising.

Giving the license to Turn10 is definitely a sensible move though: at the moment, there's no other game than Forza Horizon to provide a freeroam desertic area to enjoy that vehicle in the conditions it was built to tackle, and it reaches a sizeable public who's not necessarily aware of new motorsport series or involved with real life racing too much. And with Forza Motorsport 8 coming next year, that's a major title release which could feature Extreme E machinery and bring new eyes onto the series.
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I don't really watch the series but the cars themselves have always interested me a bit.

look like a riot to just hoon around
electric cars doing rally?
Yep yawn… first number of rounds last year there was so much dust you couldn’t see anything on the telly at all for the dust… the cars following had to drive slowly so they could see where they were going…

I turned over and watched something more interesting… there was a program where liquid finishes were being applied with a brush, and the solvent in it was then evaporating, so the finish stopped being a liquid… much more interesting…

But each to their own… we can’t all like the same thing can we…

But dust in the dessert… who would have thought it…

The thing that gets me about most motorsport, electric or ice… is when they start banging on about how good it is for the environment… carbon neutral, helping the trees blossom etc… call me cynical but we all know it’s not…
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There are short highlights
Thank you for the link, I had never even heard about this thing before. What is outstanding to me is that the live footage looks like a video game, so it seems to me to be well fitted that it is part of Horizon 5.
Might even be more successful in the game, as I doubt the live version will have any success.
Should be called Extreme U because the one thing it isn't is environmentally sound.

It could be a fit on Horizon the series if you could see past all the 'achievements' .
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Will be interesting to see how racing games shape up over the next like 10-20 years when EV's will push combustion engines aside.
I still can't believe i will have as much fun driving an ev-sound racecar in a videogame like i drive now GT3 cars with that cool sound. To me the sound has always been one of the major aspects why i am drawn towards cars in the first place. There are three core pillars: Sound, Looks, Feel. You take one away and i have no idea how that hole can be filled to be satisfying.
There are three core pillars: Sound, Looks, Feel. You take one away and i have no idea how that hole can be filled to be satisfying.

Yes, you are right, they are like three legs of a stool… take one leg away and it’s not a very good stool anymore (falls over)!

Don’t get me wrong I’m not a total ev refusenik (road cars do make some sense, when they have some charging network etc, and greener power generation)…

As a positive, at Goodwood festival of speed this year the McMurtry Spéirling was totally amazing, it’s sheer speed, acceleration, road holding/ grip (with 2 tons of fan assisted downforce from 0 mph) as it excited and entertained the crowd, with an very audible ‘woah/ gasp’ as it passed proved that an ev can also create some magic too…

And you cannot take it away from the ev the acceleration from a standing start is something else, with full torque right there at 0 mph… but this will soon become the norm and will no longer seem exceptional…

However I’m not sure this same thrill from the McMurtry can be created by all ev racing cars/ sports cars…

Watching one after one of the ‘new’ 1000 bhp+ supercars just whistle past later at GFS simply just left me totally cold… yes they looked great… but even if had the wherewithal to do so I personally wouldn’t bother buying any of them…

and I noticed the grandstands had also began to clear during this session too so maybe that does say something about how EVs are perceived, supercar or not… they are possible just seen as an appliance much like your fridge or OLED tv…

There is nothing like the sound of a race tuned V12, V10 or V8 to remind you why motorsport is such a sensory thing… sight, sound and smell… that’s what motorsport is!

I won’t be sim racing electric cars… they simply do nothing for me… but as I said in my earlier post each to their own…
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