Automobilista 2 Update is Live: More Than An F1 Car

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The April update for Automobilista 2 is here – and Reiza Studios continues to make incredible progress in their sim: Not only does V1.3.5.0 bring eagerly awaited new content to the table, it also improves the ERS and tire models as well as other elements under the hood.

To get the most important question out of the way first: Yes, the Formula Ultimate Gen2 car that represents the 2022 crop of Formula One vehicles, is now part of AMS2. Along with the brand-new single seater, a reworked ERS system and tire model make their way into the sim. Ever since the beta version of the update dropped, sim racers have been praising the F-Ultimate Gen2, and once the inevitable community skin pack is here, you can enjoy your own virtual version of the current F1 season.

Fans of Brazilian motorsports also get their share of new content: The 2022 season of the Stock Car Pro series is now in AMS2, and just in time for the real event on April 10th, the Galeao Airport circuit has also been added.

Various smaller fixes have been implemented as well, such as additional entries for the F-USA Gen1 class, fixes to the crowds at select tracks, and general bug fixes. Reiza as also further improved the AI and added a logic for forced and unforced errors, which should make offline races more believable. You can find the full changelog in full on the next page to find out all the details of the additions and adjustments. Which parts of the update are you most looking forward to try for yourself?

Let us know what you think about the new version in the comments!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


Bert Austen
Have it from the Beta, The car is fantastic , a lot of fun the as BlaKarg earlyer says... have 95% of the time drive this car a couple of days. Great car feeling. The Stock car 2022 a lot of fun to drive on the new airfield track. Thanks Reiza. The sim is on a great way!:thumbsup::thumbsdown::thumbsup:
Great news, happy to see AMS2 still evolving. Just one question though - do we need to reset all our settings after this update? I'd rather not redo all my wheel and gamepad presets.

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