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Zandvoort F1 Layout test version v2.2

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The original Kunos version, edited with Blender.

Latest updates

  1. 24 box version

    - added 24 pitbox - added track skins , created : arthurvince
  2. smoothed last corner

    - resmoothed last corner.
  3. minor bug fixes

    - smoothed mesh - improved A.I. and surface.ini - minor surface repairs -renamed track due to...

Latest reviews

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Great layout, great track! Go on like this! The dunes at the straight and at turn 7 and 8 and S turn has been gone now. At the F1race there wil be grandstands there. More ai sould be nice (like the 36 zandvoort in old trim.)
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Awesome track!
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this is an amazing version of the the track
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i have a problem, the fie is unknow or is damage
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very good, very real thanks for this amazing track.-
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Amazing work!! Awesome!
Many-many thanks. :)
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thanks very much .....
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Thank you for your hard work :) ! here is my lap! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrDzPsKnO_4
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Top update!!
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Many thanks!
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Thanks, now i can race zandvoort new style
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This track is awesome.Race here most of the time.
Great work
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Great job
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Deadly amazing!!!!
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Very good
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Fantastic to drive
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FANTASTIC JOB MAN..Is it possible to make more than 17 AI car slots?
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