Yas Marina Circuit with Chopped Off palm trees... 2.0

Gets rid of those annoying superflous ornaments popping up in the view.

  1. Salut Gilles
    Distracting palm-trees tops chopped off.

    EDIT: THIS VERSION 1.0 has been updated to deal with the "dark" leftovers vv
    Version 1.0 is now OBSOLETE and has been deleted from the History tab page.

    Click on the update's link below vvvv for instructions on how to deal with the final version (2.0), or if, for example, you already use a modded copy of the updated file and would rather choose to make this mod's changes yourself.

Recent Reviews

  1. momashi
    Version: 2.0
    Seriously? Palm trees are beautiful!
    1. Salut Gilles
      Author's Response
      I agree, but in that botched version of this game, their rendering code is so bad that they appear from nowhere and distracted me while driving. In F1 2011 & 2012, they were all done OK, but not in this one. If you don't like the mod, simple: do not install it.
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