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Winton (V8 Supercars) 2.2

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September 2015 update :


Hi everyone.

I am really happy to propose you this australian track.
Thanks to Richo for the initial job.
It is my first track with all the stuff I know :

- grass textures and shaders
- road textures and shaders
- racegroove and skidmarks
- road feeling
- 3D grass
- 2015 rumbles

Thanks to Denis for minimap and loading screen
Thanks to Rafffel for cams

Hope you will like it ;-)

Latest updates

  1. Big update

    Hi guys. I think you need some stuff for the superV8, right? - new grass shaders - new trees -...
  2. AI correction by Gringo

    Thanks to him for this correction. :) AI behavior problem reported on the startline. And fixed.
  3. Some additions

    Hi all. Tracks needed for the SuperV8 :) I revisit my previous version of Winton. - new grass...

Latest reviews

Thanks. That fixed it. Cool!
Thanks Patrick for all your work getting these great tracks for us. On this track the AI cars hit the brakes hard at the start/finish line for no reason. The problem exists in the original rFactor version of this track as well. This is otherwise a very good track; its one of my favorites for the V8 Supercars.
Patrick Giranthon
Will see with gringo and keith
Thx Patrick another great track
Thank you ;)
Patrick Giranthon
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