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Wilborne Racing 2015-02-02

Wilborne Racing Liveries 2015 - Z4 GT3, SLS AMG GT3, Camaro GT3

  1. Ryan_Lee
    Screenshot_sareni_camaro_gt_racecar_spa_2-2-2015-17-21-9.jpg Screenshot_sareni_camaro_gt_racecar_spa_2-2-2015-17-3-2.jpg Screenshot_sareni_camaro_gt_racecar_spa_2-2-2015-17-10-27.jpg Screenshot_sareni_camaro_gt_racecar_spa_2-2-2015-17-16-48.jpg Screenshot_sareni_camaro_gt_racecar_spa_2-2-2015-17-12-39.jpg Screenshot_sareni_camaro_gt_racecar_spa_2-2-2015-17-24-25.jpg Screenshot_sareni_camaro_gt_racecar_spa_2-2-2015-17-43-40.jpg Screenshot_sareni_camaro_gt_racecar_spa_2-2-2015-17-28-47.jpg Screenshot_sareni_camaro_gt_racecar_spa_2-2-2015-17-35-31.jpg Screenshot_sareni_camaro_gt_racecar_spa_2-2-2015-17-50-16.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Bilson
    Version: 2015-02-02
    Great looking skins! Done very well!
  2. Jamie McManus
    Jamie McManus
    Version: 2015-02-02
    Impressive skins mate, thanks.
    1. Ryan_Lee
      Author's Response
      thanks mate, updated the Z4 from the 2014 livery with new Pirelli rubber and slightly changed wheels. But the SLS and Camaro are new. SLS was a pain in the ARSE!! lol
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