Wicklow Mountains, Ireland - Part 1 of 2

Wicklow Mountains, Ireland - Part 1 of 2 0.9.1

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This track is bloody amazing. It looks and flows so well. Even early on, its one of my favorite open road experiences in AC. I had a wonderful drive in a Elise Step1 that was almost like driving in real life.
Fantastic job, jaws drop with SOL actually.
Wonderfull Track , romantic, fun and pretty a nice drive sundays with your beloved ones. Some people here, also me reported, that the track makes errors, i know why.

You have to Download Link one and two from "Wicklow Mountains" Part 1 of 2 there are "2 blue links to download" and then you have to download the Wicklow Mountains Part 2 link, you know?

There a "2 LINKS" in part "ONE" like 389mb and 311mb (the 2 blue links in the description, not use only the red download button) and part 2 has the last one link, that makes 3 in the sum
Amazing cruising roads with stunning scenery! Thanks for sharing :D
Love it, would say maybe break up the sections of the road to be old and new like the real gap. possible change some textures here and there for higher res stuff but great to get out and do some "rings" up there XD

For sure will be making an Edit for this :D
Jake Grafton
Jake Grafton
Good suggestions, will get them on my list. Thanks!
Stunning scenery. These are the roads one can only dream of. Thank you for these.
Loved driving it, The fact there’s barely hint that it’s present day really makes it excellent for driving historical rally cars from the Pessio Mini to the Audi Quattro, I hope it stays feeling like that.

The only thing I feel may need improvement is adding road bumps because it feels freshly laid but other than that it’s the best looking semi-freeroam track I’ve driven, the off camber corners add challenge and going 100mph really feels claustrophobic on some of the roads, it’s brilliant.

It maybe worth looking at pacenotes, as it’s very scary without them, and what I mean by that is by using Assettos in game corner name app to tell you what angle or degree of corner is.
Jake Grafton
Jake Grafton
Thanks, will look into both those suggestions.
Epic scenery, always loved Irish roads. Please keep developing this!
Really fun, you have got the feel of the roads really well, only live 5 mins from there, would love to see it extended to viewpoint, proper job man
Love these types of tracks.
has a lot of potential, though my cars in VR are flickering a lot . Am I doing s.th. wrong?
Jake Grafton
Jake Grafton
Apparently this is an issue in Assetto with large tracks. Have you tried the patch? PM me if you need the link.
REALLY NICE and big work! THANK YOU!
Would like to see this a little bit more finished, would be great!!
I live nearby. I see a lot of lads living nearby in the reviews. Let's get together and do some laps in real life after lockdown :D
Jake Grafton
Jake Grafton
Thanks -- you think lockdown will ever end??
Took the Evo Tommi Makinen on it and it was wow, just wow. At the end of it, I looked up Glendalough Green. I want to eat there, right now! OK, need to do this again, hopefully a clean run this time and maybe in the Scooby 22B. Ah, bliss.

Thanks. Excellent work. Great for practising looking out in the distance, practising heel and toe, ie. real world stuff.
just finished a lap a its not to bad hope it gets updates good map for diffin but sadly only 4 pits cant couldn't host it on my server for diffin
A real treat. Thank you for your work!
i live 20 mins from sallys gap and man have to say you done a savage job keep it up
Excellent fun, and perfectly captures the feel of narrow back-roads in Ireland (and the UK for that matter). Reminds me of the roads I grew up with.
big challenge to make something like this from scratch and it is overall pretty immersive in VR which can be a tough test, often RTB tracks will look really fake with repetitive patterns of things but this works nicely. looking forward to any updates
Super. Thank you
Holy crap i live nearby thank you so much for making this!
Looks great i vr, you've done a great job, hope you keep updating it, cheers
Jake Grafton
Jake Grafton
Thank you so much for the encouragement! I will be updating.
visually it needs work, but the road itself is fantastic! a lot of fun! the surface is maybe a little too smooth, it didnt feel bumpy at all.
Jake Grafton
Jake Grafton
Thanks! Will take another look at the road surfaces soon.
hi, nice landscapes, nice roads, and very narrows, so fun is even in underpowered cars, nice. just testing Stage 1, I got maybe a problem, in some part of the road, my cinematic suffer a pause, after this the road mesh change texture, and it becomes in water, is maybe a personal setting issue?
Jake Grafton
Jake Grafton
That is very strange, did it happen more than once? You didn't drive into the river, by chance?
Nope, doesn't work for me either. First zip is ok but when I install the 2nd it says "nothing found, app couldn't detect content to install"
Jake Grafton
Jake Grafton
Try downloading again? Does the second zip have two files in it?
Oh wow! This is brilliant. I've been on these roads a few times, motorcycle trips with my Cousins from Co Cork..... Just done a few laps in a 356, love this mod already so much!
Jake Grafton
Jake Grafton
Thanks, that's awesome!