Watkins Glen 2.0

Watkins Glen 2.0 by Shomper

  1. Stuart Thomson
    This is a conversion of the RSDG Watkins Glen track. The track was originally done by RSDG for F1C, and was converted to GTR by Gmilno.
    This is an authorized conversion of RSDG's Watkins Glen for F1C/SCC to rFactor. This version of the track was designed and tested for rFactor version 1150, but does work with other versions, see note below though if you are running 1070/1087.
    All 3 track layouts have edited aiw's which supports 64 cars in the garages and on the track
    It also supports 42 pit stalls.

Recent Reviews

  1. Rupe Wilson
    Rupe Wilson
    Version: 2.0
    love this track.... brm brmmmm
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