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VRC Formula NA Package

VRC Formula NA Package 1.5

No permission to buy ($16.00)
Formula NA 8.jpg

VRC is proud to announce the release of the Formula NA package for Assetto Corsa players.

With the kind permission of RaceDepartment, we can now post the link to our store for this resource, and as a thank you, we are offering 33% discount to all RaceDepartment Premium Members on the price of our car. You don't pay $16,00 but only $10,00 when you have an active premium membership.

33% Discount Promo Code
Grab the promo code for premium members here.

A Premium Membership only costs EUR 10,00 a year and besides all the cool features this site offers you already save EUR 8,15 on just discounts. Not a premium member yet? You can upgrade your account here.

What is included in the Formula NA Package?

  • Formula NA 1999 (Road and Oval versions)
  • Formula NA 2012 (Road and Oval versions)
  • Formula NA 2018 (Road and Oval versions)
  • VRC SouthStar Motorspeedway Track
  • VRC Alabama Racing Course Track
How much does it cost ? And where can i get it ?
Those who want the full package can get it for a price of 16U$D.

We hope that you will enjoy this package, and we can't wait for your feedback for future updates. We would like also to thank you for your patience!

Get it now!
Formula NA 6.jpg Formula NA 7.jpg Formula NA 8.jpg Formula NA 9.jpg Formula NA 10.jpg Formula NA 11.jpg Formula NA 12.jpg
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4.73 star(s) 22 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. v1.6:

    Formula NA Pack updated! Changelog: -ALL CARS: Corrected weight and inertias. -ALL CARS...

Latest reviews

I downloaded directly from VRC's site after receiving their update email, with no problems. So far I've just hot lapped the 2018 road version on Road America and it drives, looks and sounds awesome IMO. Thanks!
Thank you for your nice words! We're really glad you're enjoying it :)
I received the email announcing the updated version in 1.6, I'm pretty excited to discover it ! ;-)
Thanks a lot to do your best.
Thank you a lot for your kind words. Let us know if you need any assistance in the download process.
Excellent mod. Lots of attention to detail...excellent physics...beautiful to look at. Best 16 bones i have spent in a long time. Thank you
It's payed but I love it
Great mod!!!
Some tips and tricks for a decent standing start with the 2018 oval version? xD
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Non of that reads "give us a one star rate and your problem will be solved".
This pack is a must have! Can't wait to know wich track will be added.
The NA 2018 is a BEAST! Thank you so much for this whole pack!
Thanks for the Shaders Patch feature
Wow! Top work. It's like a new game with the oval track. I'm not an oval fan usually but it's much fun with different elements to consider. And I was really impressed with a night version, equipped with lights that give a sparkle when you look at them in VR.
Top review even though my discount code was deemed out of date or invalid for some reason, haha. No worries it was well earned.
Everything about this is fantastic! The only thing I dislike is when watching replays the engine sound cuts out for a split second, I am sure this can be fix with an update in the future.
For what ever reason I get the car ready to drive in the game and it wont let me load into the session, almost as if the mod is out of date
You know, writting a bad review isn't the right way to ask for support, you should either send us an email or write in the forums. As you might have seen all the reviews on Youtube, the mod isn't out of date. Problem on your side.
Beautiful models, perfect physics, Kunos couldn't have done it better themselves! Any word on that 2018 car? I'm salivating in anticipation!
Outstanding. Thanks!
I'll give you guys 5 stars because i know the quality of your mods. Sadly i have not been able to use it. I can't copy the files from the download into my assetto corsa folder. It gives me a error message ''memory full''. Has anyone else this problem?
Send us a message to vrc.modding.team@gmail.com we will find out how to solve your problem. But first of all I would really reccomend you to use 7z software to decompress the files.
Thank you for doing this!!! I've been a life long CART / IndyCar fan and this is what I've always wanted to drive in Assetto Corsa.
Really enjoying the cars and track that come with the package. The feel, sounds and graphics are equal too or better than Kunos. Plus as a premium member of RD getting a discount, win-win. well done!
Car and Track are amazing! I need more practice to beating 100% AI.....
I believe the high pricetag discourages a lot of potential buyers, such as myself, from taking a shot. Also, it would be nice if you would release a single car/skin for us to try and know what we are buying. Other than that, the mod looks quality. Cheers!
An outstanding mod on so many levels. Amazing job, well done.
Really, truly, an amazing pack. Thank you so much for releasing this VRC, i have been having an absolute joy driving these wonderful machines.
Great Work! waited a long time for a CART mod ..Thanks!