VR46 Helmets Collections For Career Mode 1.0

From just a kid to being a GOAT

  1. lazzuardi rifqian
    This Helmet that Valentino Rossi use for his career from the debut in 1996 untill 2013 that can be use for ur career in motogp17, this pack is not final pack. this is the part 1 of Valentino Rossi Helmet Pack, and i'll upload soon the rest of the Helmet that Rossi ever use. and fyi, its impossible to upload all the helmet cause theres no helmet available for replaced. Hope u like it, enjoy.

    Instalation :
    1. Copy GFXGEM.MIX to your motogp 17 directory
    2.Remix the Gfxcircuit bale 01.PNG bale 04.PNG bale 05 ls.PNG bale 08.PNG bale 11.PNG bale 12.PNG bale 98.PNG bale tartaruga 13.PNG
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Recent Reviews

  1. ReZ
    Version: 1.0
    Works great ... totally worth if just for the last helmet^^
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