Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes Team Package

Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes Team Package 1.1

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So I made a McLaren Mercedes Team Package
What is changed:
livery of the car
drivers to Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button ( If you have suggestions on more driver pairings write something to the support page)
driver numbers and helmets
racesuits, pitcrew, garagecrew
team name
the chassis is now Mercedes
Also I changed the performance and made the car better so its now a team between the top 3 teams and the midfield.
Now includes a version in which the square around the driver number is fixed.

Known issues which i will try to fix asap:
The inside of the garage still has the old textures

Hope you like it and please leave feedback :)
And I need some ideas for new skins so leave your suggestions
I have made a version with the 2018 drivers: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/vodafone-mclaren-mercedes-team-package-2nd-version.26756/
Original Version:
Screenshot (110).png
Screenshot (111).png
Screenshot (113).png
Screenshot (117).png
Screenshot (115).png

Number Fix Version:
Screenshot (119).png
File size
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Latest updates

  1. Number Fix

    In the update i added a version in which the light white square around the driver number is not...

Latest reviews

great job... nice mod.. how to import mercedes chassis?
What do you mean with import Mercedes chassis? are you doing manual installation?
the real chassi mclaren stp
Hey, the numbers have been restored and the livery is just awesome. Can you also provide an option to keep the existing pair's (Alonso and Vandoorne) numbers, and also, if possible, make Alonso's Mclaren helmet design of 2007? That would be really cool.

Another request, can you try and make a Ferrari Mission Winnow livery on a Haas chassis?
I will try all of that as soon as I have time
Numbers is a real issue. If you can revert to the original McLaren or Mercedes numbering, that would be fine as well.
It actually seems like the Mercedes chassis has just has that so i would have to change the whole skin to fix that. If you are wondering about the numbers I selected its just hamiltons number and Buttons number from the 2016 season. I can add the other numbers you mentioned just confirm it
Great job! :)
i have waited so long for this :D
Thanks for the positive feedback :)
PERFECT, my favourite skin mod in F1 2018.. LOVE IT :D
Thanks so much :)