Vintage Mclaren 1.03

skins pit and race crews and wheel

  1. JIH.webtel92
    Hello everyone this here full kit makeover of McLaren team who just look plain and boring white every where 2015-04-18_00005.jpg
    Also want to say a Special Thank you to Tobias Wedlich who made the helmets of Button and Magnusson that is respect to him 2015-04-18_00011.jpg btw there are Two version of this here 1st version is Codemaster and 2nd version go with Williams Martini Racing Full Team done by McGregor Kereama so Enjoy that mod. 2015-04-18_00001.jpg 2015-04-15_00012.jpg
    there are update coming up very soon that evolving the others teams so please wait. it will be 100% perfect game


    1. 2015-04-19_00002.jpg
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