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Vallée du Parc 2020

Vallée du Parc 2020 0.5

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Vallée du Parc is a quiet ski resort located in Shawinigan, QC, Canada. I imagined the place to be invaded for a summer by a local race club with almost no budget ... using mainly old tractor tyres for protection. This track is based on a real road, but this is pure fiction.


This is a very short bumpy tricky track, very fun with small cars like the Ford escort RS1600, MX5 or the wonderful Skoda RS 130.


It has 20 pits layout and AI for both reverse and normal.
I rented some Wanco light generator to light the areas where in real life nobody wants light.
Cameras are working for the main layout, reverse has yet to be done.


I tried to do some 3d grass but it was not conclusive, Grass FX is way better and easier to do. I simply copied the example as it is. Everything else was custom made in rhino and grasshopper.


As it is my first track, i had to learn everything from scratch, It was quite hard. Since March, i started over
about a hundred times, but it was also very fun and so satisfying to solve one problem after another and see the track getting alive and better and better everytime I opened it in Assetto Corsa..


I want to thank everybody at assettocorsamods.net especially @luchian And @LilSki for all the tutorials they made for someone like me to be able to find answers when needed... I would'nt have been able to do it without them. And Kunos of course, for creating that opened minded gem that is AC.

This is a very personal project, I did it for myself, but maybe someone out there could enjoy it also so I want to share. VDP is very special to me and this was just an excuse to go there everyday, while beeing stuck in a 30m² parisian appartement.

There is still much to do, and redo on this track, but it is working and i think fun and flowy. Now i need some
external feedback from more experienced modder and motorhead. Every feedback will be welcome.


Hope you like it.

Welcome to Vallée du Parc...
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Latest reviews

Only giving it 3 stars because it could use an upgrade on the looks, besides that this is my favorite track! I use it as my test track and honestly it is fun with any and all cars.
that's honest, i respect it, i gave a lot of effort to bring it to life, i know it has flaws, but really happy that you still like it despite it is a first track attempt. an update might come, i'm still busy on another projet, but this is my hometown, i'll put some more love into it (one day) cheers man!
Incroyable. Jamais je pensais tomber sur VDP en cherchant des mods, mais j'en suis très heureux. Merci beaucoup!
merci remy!
Merci!!! This is amazing I hope it gets the recognition it deserves !
Happy to see you like it! thanks Greg!
Although I've never left my country (Brazil), driving in this track for so many hours made me feel over there in Canada.
Thanks for this wonderful work of art! I've took the time and dedication to train an ai to run on the limit in that track and made a camtool set for the reverse layout that of lacking cameras. Not only that, I recorded 4 different cars running there, even a racing truck, on the limit! Sooo much fun! Thanks again! I hope everyone enjoy it as much as I do!
Thanks a lot for your work! You seem to enjoy the track it makes me happy! i don't mind if you do camtools for the normal layout too, ;) can you share your AI? if you don't mind i could include it (camtools and AI) in the future update with credit to you of course! these are the things i dont know how to do properly! quite happy that you did it!
Thanks neoureaux
Great work. Thanks!
thanks for the review King jason
cool thanks
thanks for the review Rasfafa!
de nada!! gracias!
Wow! je m'attendais pas a voir ca ! :)
héhéhé, tu connais l'endroit? j'y ai grandi, mon terrain de jeux enfant, mon terrain de jeu maintenant ;)
Enjoyable small track.
Reminds me of ebisu west .
just found Ebisu, really nice, thanks for the info
For your first own track very well done. A bit "raw" here and there, but you mentioned by yourself, it´s still WIP. :)
I´m curious of how it will be improved over the time. Go for it. :)
If you need some help, PM me.
Thanks for the offer! right now i want to improve the DIP but i still havent figure out was makes it run high... then i want to improve the mesh wich i think i reduced too much close to the track it look polygonal but i did it trying to reduce the DIP... any way i'll work on it.
Amazing work and this is your first track? Awesome!
Thanks a lot, it was a lot of hours spent to bring it to life...
You really did an awesome job on the track. Thanx for that. Please lose the black box.
happy to hear that Elvis went dancing at VDP...:)
Nice one
Thank Jauk!
For a first try, it's really good. And this kind of cheap track is fun to drive. Thanks a lot.
Glad to know that you like it, thanks Unpierrot!
Very nice indeed! There are some textures missing at the moment (some grass, the lake etc) that you're no doubt aware of but overall it drives, looks and feels very good, especially for a v0.5 and especially considering it's your first track ever. As you say, it is a very short track, so maybe one day it can be explanded into the beautiful surrounding countryside. Thanks for sharing - I'll be following development closely and looking forward to the updates.
thanks Mascot, the track is still WIP i will add three existing buildings and the lake of course, but i wanted to make a first public release to have feedback about the track itself, thanks for your comment! i will consider expanding this track with a faster layout but i want to finish this one first! thanks again.
Very fun.
I love this kind of "cheap" track.
Well done, just miss a map !
Thanks sardo! I also like "cheap" local tracks... glad that you like it too! I think AC is suppose to create the map but i haven't figure it out how yet... Maybe if you remove the outline.png in the UI directory?
Good job
Thanks Ale!
This is great! Thank you very much. First time I tried it I hadn't put Grass FX on so it didn't look its best. But with Grass FX on (as you suggest), this is really good. I'm getting good fps too. I wish there were more tracks like this. Well done to you! Thank you
Thanks Billy! Glad to know that it is running well on someone else rig. I also like small track like these fantastic mods : Ahvenisto, Mosport, Mas du Clos, Knockhill, Bridghampton, and of course Road Atlanta Short...
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