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Valentino Rossi 2016 Textures Mod 0.9

Temporary Textures pack

  1. Jonix
    I will be away for a month, so I felt like sharing my progresses on 2016 Valentino Rossi mod (I did it some weeks ago and forgot about it, I will share it in the meanwhile)

    I literally spent hours on these, so anyone who will share it or steal it will be hated forever

    A screen first (quite old :p)

    The mod contains:
    -"46" number, manually created according to the real life one
    -Color fix for the livery, no other major changes to the bike livery (no time now)
    -major corrections for VR suit, according to the new version he is using from Le Mans

    The suit is not finished, not much left though
    Missing things:
    -helmet adjustments
    -final suit adjustments (right leg mainly)
    -suit normal/lifht maps according to the new suit.(This one is very important, sorry for that. I will try to edit it in the future)
    -bike livery adjustments

    I had no time to fix the helmet, because yes, it needs a fix. Proportions are a bit off, doesn't look like it but if you fix it you will notice the difference

    P.S. I'm too lazy to make a before/after comparison, if you wanna check the differences do it yourself..you will notice quite a big step up! :)

    Mod contains only Rossi 2016, not Lorenzo. Lorenzo's bike is the same as default one. If you want the same base color, duplicate and rename VR's bike texture replacing Lorenzo's. Why didn't I do that? because..screw lorenzo

    Make a backup of MOTOGP2016.mix   (Located in \Valentino Rossi The Game\)
    -Unpack MOTOGP2016.mix using mixfile remixer on desktop. IMPORTANT! UNPACK IT ON DESKTOP!
    -You will now have a folder named MOTOGP2016 on dekstop
    -Extract and replace MOTOGP2016 folder from the mod archive on desktop, overwriting all files.
    Repack the mix (create new mixfile tab) select the MOTOGP2016 folder on desktop, then choose SBK X as "file format" and pick the default MOTOGP2016.mix as "mixfile path". Click repack
    Play the game!
    Textures  by Jonix, further sharing is forbidden
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Recent Reviews

  1. Matthew327
    Version: 0.9
    Absolutely flawless. Grandissimo!
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