V8SCorsa - 2016 Harvey Norman Supergirls 1.0 2018-01-07

V8SCorsa mod - Harvey Norman Supergirls Altima from Bathurst 2016

  1. ea_silver_ghia
    This is the Harvey Norman Supergirls Nissan Altima of Simona De Silvestra and Renee Gracie from the 2016 Bathurst 1000. This was their second year driving together but in the Nissan rather than the Falcon the year before. They finished in 14th position, 2 laps behind.
    This is for the V8SCorsa mod for Assetto Corsa as found here:
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Recent Reviews

    Version: 2018-01-07
    Thank you for sharing the source as I missed this kit. They all drive pretty dam good out of the gate. I'm just getting use to my wheel and pedal Fanatec upgrade, and these cars are a perfect way to get the over/under steer situated right away!!

    Love all the liveries Cheers!
    1. ea_silver_ghia
      Author's Response
      Thanks. It is a great mod. They've done extremely well. I've only done a couple of skins so far but there are plenty more on their way.
  2. jerry090460
    Version: 2018-01-07
    Cool skin , thanks !
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