V8SCorsa - 2015 Harvey Norman Supergirls 1.0 2018-01-07

V8SCorsa mod - Harvey Norman Supergirls Falcon from Bathurst 2015

  1. ea_silver_ghia
    This is the Harvey Norman Supergirls Falcon of Simona De Silvestra and Renee Gracie from the 2015 Bathurst 1000. They finished in 21st position, 40 laps behind after finding the wall at Forrest's Elbow early in the race.
    This is for the V8SCorsa mod for Assetto Corsa as found here:

Recent Reviews

  1. Fanapryde
    Version: 2018-01-07
    Great work. I just love to drive these cars. Thanks for sharing !
  2. jerry090460
    Version: 2018-01-07
    Another great job , thanks !
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