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URD PX Real UI (WEC) v1.0 | 2016-01-20


  1. Manian
    UI, badges and logo modification for URD PX Mod. This "fix" provide real brand names of the cars with correct logo and a regroup of the car under WEC logo subdivided in WEC LMP1 and WEC LMP2.

    Inside the folder you can find a folder called "_Badge 2 version". You can choose the WEC logo with or without the whit bg.

    For modify it, drag and drop the badge inside the UI folder of every single car.

    Let me know if you find bug, errors or else :)


    1. 2016-01-20_00002.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Neils on Wheels
    Neils on Wheels
    Version: v1.0 | 2016-01-20
  2. rauf00
    Version: v1.0 | 2016-01-20
    well done, thanks!
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