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Ultimate Realism F1 2015/F1 2015 Mod Patch

Ultimate Realism F1 2015/F1 2015 Mod Patch 2.5.1

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Ultimate Realism containts changes in
  • Power engine
  • Ai Performace
  • Car tiers:
  1. Mercedes,Ferrari ,Williams
  2. Red bull, Lotus, Toro Rosso, Force India
  3. McLaren, Sauber
  4. Manor
  • Podiums wins stats
  • How many ai players retire
  • Agression
  1. Mercedes and Vettel
  2. Williams and raikkonen
  3. Riccardo, Groesian, Hulkenberg
  4. Verstappen, Kvyat (inconstient)
  5. Sainz, Alonso, Maldonado (very inconstient)
  6. Button,Perez
  7. Nasr, Erriccson
  8. Stevens Merhi
  • Mod works with all mods but with lesley mod you have to have downloaded korea track then works 17th race in carrer
  • Now try
1st Qualification AI Legend


2nd Try AI Legend 100%race


3rd try AI legend 100% Race


Latest updates

  1. F1 2015 mod patch

    Toro Rosso Is now avaliable to play with GP mode Database compatible with all 2015 mods...
  2. Realism update

    Tweaked players performance Tweaked cars performance Merecedes gains 1-3 positions Vettel...

Latest reviews

I will respond on another perfect mods tkt know to change the language of the driver
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Good work!
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Please less retirement! But good job
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Hi, The patch is excellent, but I have a problem because I cause an error the patch? the names of the pilots Manor can not see, like the name of Toro Rosso ... As you fix?
i speaks panish, so.. i use google traductor. XD
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Good work,thank you!
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Better than previous version
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Williams should be in Tier 2, Lotus and Sauber in Tier 3, just like in real life.
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in china just finish 7 cars
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pls can you make it compactable with f1 2015 database mod 0,9
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File size
11.3 MB
First release
Last update
User rating
4.33 star(s) 12 ratings

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