Ultimate Cockpit Movement 1.6.8

NEW Cam physics cam added.

  1. kelaroost
    Added movement to rear view on all camera, including the replay and spectate cams.
    Added movement on all the camera on (mounted)
    2 Cockpit cams using the (mounted) prefix so to enable side movement.
    As you turn your pushed sideways slightly,
    As you excel your nose lifts as you break nose dips,
    Its the same subtle setting from my other cams but slightly improved upon.
    Edited movement on pod view.
    All so added new view for online spectate.
    Never before seen camera added that follows the contours of the track to give an improved tire grip effect, with gear change jerk effect.
    Be sure to set rear view as rear view and NOT look back or you will be looking through the car body on the ground effect cam.

    Added new cam for pod view using the new ground effect camera it allso has 2 rear views.
    There are 2 almost identical pod views but using different movements effects.
    Added new chase camera as requested.

    Added side pod view as requested and lowered amount of dip under breaking on centre pod and offset pod view.
    Allso softened suspension on them 2 views to give more movement over bumpy surfaces.

    gear change effect added but not as aggressive as this

    Open C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\F1 2012\cars.

    Right click the cars folder and select copy.
    Now right click onto your desktop or any place you know that has plenty of hard drive space and select paste.
    That folder is now being backed up in case you want to set it back to defaults.
    Or alternatively you can repair install from within steam the choice is yours.
    Now you have backed up where you intend to replace files you can now download the file.
    Open file using WinRAR,
    You will see 12 folders with names such as ma2,wi2,ca2,fe2 ect ect.
    Move your mouse top right inside the WinRAR program press and hold left mouse and move mouse over to the bottom left hand side.
    All the folders will change colour for there now all selected.
    Let go of your left mouse button and move to any one of the folders selected.
    Click and hold your left mouse button and wile keeping it pressed move your mouse over to the open cars folder you opened a wile ago and take your finger of the left mouse button.
    You will be confronted with a warning, (confirm folder replace)
    You tick box at the bottom of the open warning message then select yes.
    You will then be confronted with another warning message,
    Tick the box at the bottom and then click (COPY AND REPLACE)
    It is now installed.

Recent Reviews

  1. DorianHawk
    Version: 1.6.8
    Really good job !
  2. Rodriggo
    Version: 1.6.8
    Absolutely terrific mod. I use the closest cockpit cam with head movement and it makes this game so much more immersive. Tracks open up so much more than before b/c you get a much better understanding of the angles you're supposed to take into and out of the corners.....I'm shaving 1 to 2 seconds on all my TTs....just terrific.
  3. Ritti
    Version: Ultimate-Cockpit-Movement
    Very good mod!!! Thanks for upload this, and thanks for the updatings!!
  4. Hawaiian Guy
    Hawaiian Guy
    Version: 1.5.9
    Love it thank you so much for the updates and your hard work.
  5. deanox1983
    Version: 1.5.9
    Gran mod!! si seƱor. GJ
  6. Hawaiian Guy
    Hawaiian Guy
    Version: 1.5.4
    love it great help from the kind creator too.
  7. Rafaelbcc
    Version: 1.5.2
    Absolutely amazing. Great job.
  8. Karl Kerr
    Karl Kerr
    Version: 1.4.2
    good work :)
  9. Roland Molnar
    Roland Molnar
    Version: 1.4
    This is very good! Keep it up mate! ;)
  10. Karl Kerr
    Karl Kerr
    Version: 1.4
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