TT Circuit Assen - autosport layout 0.5.2

The Cathedral of Speed

  1. NightEye87
    The TT Circuit Assen, The Netherlands.
    One of the most renowned motorcycle circuits in the world: The Cathedral of Speed.

    This is the 2012+ layout. This is the autosport layout. The motorsport layout can be found here:

    The project is a WIP. Please keep that in mind.
    Most buildings are unfinished, no grooves and bad trees.

    32 grid places, 17 pit boxes, physics objects, working AI line (albeit not the best), track map, track sections, track side cameras, etc

Recent Reviews

  1. Olyn
    Version: 0.5.2
    Very nice. There seems to be two different versions of this track by two different persons. I like the one where the track is grey and not black. Thanks for all the work.
    1. NightEye87
      Author's Response
  2. shishasun
    Version: 0.5.2
  3. Matt
    Version: 0.5.2
    well made, thanks
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