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Linear map (rally style)

Linear map (rally style) 1.3

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This is a linear track map. Inspired by rally games, etc.
This app has mostly been a "playground" for Python for me. I learned a lot by making this and I had a lot of support from some very patient people to make certain things work :inlove:


It shows squares for stationary cars, triangles for moving cars (non-directional). Green for current car, yellow for all others. It uses abbreviated names on the right.
At the top, the distance left untill the finish line is shown (in meters).

The split lines default to quarters, but it features custom split locations via the tracksplits.ini. These can be added via the settings menu (see update v1.2). Kunos tracks are included in this tracksplits.ini.

Most things should work fine, like adjusting the size and scale. If not and you need support, feel free to use the Discussion section. Enjoy, or don't :p

To record split positions:
You can now add track split locations ingame. It will not auto-refresh to show them right away. It does auto-save.

To make track splits, after opening up the app, click the cog icon. There you'll see a few buttons.

The first three will toggle driver names, split locations and track length left visibility. These values are not stored but can be manually set through CM>Settings>Apps or settings.ini.

The other ones can be used to set split locations. Simply drive the track and whenever there's a new "Split time", click the appropriate button. The split time changes again when driving over the next split, so click the next split button, etc. The order of which you click them doesn't matter, so if you think you've got correct split 1 and split 2 numbers, you can drive over to your split 3 and click 'Set split 3' to redo it. I tried automating it but failed, so this'll have to do :)
The finish line is set automatically at position 0 and doesn't require any manual input.
Spectating AI to set the splits does not work, as only the player's split times are read. There is no way for the app to know when an AI is passing a sector split.

The numbers are stored inside the tracksplits.ini. It now also contains split locations for all Kunos tracks.
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Latest updates

  1. Track length left

    I added a display above the finish line that shows the length of track left for the active car...
  2. Added possibility to make track splits ingame

    This update features the ability to add track split locations ingame. It will not auto-refresh...
  3. Minor tweaks

    Changelog: The focused car now always renders on top; The background is set to transparent by...

Latest reviews

Very nice!
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pretty slick!
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I didn't know I needed this until I tried it!
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Simple, But very good. Well done
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Good idea, but unfortunately for now it's useless for me as I can't really see my position during a race when in a pack of cars. What I suggest is to update the app, so the player position is rendered on top of any other car, so it's always visible. It would also be nice to have an option to turn off the background colour completely. I see that the finish line is a .png file, would be great if car arrows were image files as well so people can modify it looks to their liking other than a colour in the config file.
I found a way to have the focused car always render on top. It's not really intended to differentiate cars in a pack, though :p Best to use the stock Map app or CarRadar/Helicorsa for that.
The background is now set to transparent by default (editable via the settings.py), thanks.

Having the triangles be PNG's is a great idea! I'll have a look to implement that in a future update :)
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Love it! Thanks.
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