Transparent Rev Speedometer 1.0.2

This mod simply removes the background of the rev speedometer.

  1. ParkYongLee
    Oh, look! It's your buddy: The right rearview mirror!
    Yes your old pal which you missed all the time, right? ;-)

    This mod removes the background of the rev speedometer/dial meter.

    That's all it does, really. It's a simple one, but very handy.

    Installation instructions:

    Either copy the content of the "F1 2017" folder into your game's "F1 2017" folder, or just copy the modded flow_race.erp file to "F1 2017\asset_groups\ui_package\"

    Several people requested this simple mod, so it comes separately from my other two OSD mods (which edit many many more things, but not everyone wants that, so I decided to split this tiny one).
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Recent Reviews

  1. cantharino
    Version: 1.0.1
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