TrackMovies for Enzoli's Mod 1.0

Real tracks intro videos for Enzoli's Mod - WIN/MAC compatible

  1. enzoli
    Add-on for my 2016 Mod.
    This will replace original tracks intro videos with new ones that correspond to real names given to tracks in my Mod.
    Comes with an installer.

    If the installer does NOT work on your system, follow those easy steps:
    Go on Steam Library where you usually launch your game.
    Right Click Motorsport Manager
    Choose "Properties"
    Then "Local Files" Tab
    Choose first option : "Browse Local Files"
    A new window will open in the right folder
    Drop my MM_Data Folder in there, overwrite when prompted.

    Still from the video ingame :

Recent Reviews

  1. TheCed
    Version: 1.0
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