Toyota GT86 Turbocharged 0.2b

Adds a new variant of the GT86 with a turbo

  1. Hobbnob
    Identical to the original GT86, except for a 1.4bar turbocharger and slightly different sound to reflect the increase in power. The car now makes 262bhp and drives in class C1.

    Installation instructions:

    Assuming you have an unlocker installed, add this line to your vehiclelist.lst in your vehicles folder(open with notepad):


    Then go into vehicles/physics/tyres and add this line to tyreshd.xml(open with notepad):

    <Item label="toyota_gt86_dm.hdtbin"></Item>

    Then go into vehicles/physics/tires and open tire.rg with notepad. Go into edit/replace and use the following criteria:

    Find what: TOYOTA_GT86,
    Replace with: TOYOTA_GT86, toyota_gt86_dm,

    (Oh and btw, the handbrake works now)

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  1. Jose Ferreira
    Jose Ferreira
    Version: 0.2b
    thank you
  2. Rudy Pessotto
    Rudy Pessotto
    Version: 0.2b
    Very nice ,good work.