Alternate Handling Mod 0.6

Additional tires that aim to improve the handling in certain cars

  1. Hobbnob
    I am proud to announce the release of the Alternate Handling Mod 0.6!

    This release includes the following tyres:

    Rokusa Junior: Called Junior because even a kid could drive it. Developed with Alex Salmon, who has spent 8 years in karts and is starting his second year in the Shifter 125.

    125cc Shifter Kart

    Rokusa X01: A bog-standard tyre made for daily driving.

    BAC Mono

    Mitsubishi EVO FQ400

    Mitsubishi EVO FQ360

    Mitsubishi EVO TME

    Ginetta G40

    Ford Mustang GT

    Ford Focus RS

    Renault Megane 265

    Mercedes A45

    Audi A1 Quattro

    BMW 1M Coupe

    Toyota GT86 (and variants)

    Rokusa Eco: A low grade 'cheap' tyre meant for general road use on lighter cars.

    Toyota GT86 (and variants)

    Caterham Classic

    Rokusa LT600: A high performance road-legal tyre that is also suitable for drift competition. More about this tyre

    Mazda MX5 RADBUL

    Scion FRS Rocket Bunny

    Pagani Huayra

    Caterham R500

    Caterham Classic

    Mercedes 300SEL

    Ford Focus RS

    Renault Megane 265

    Ariel Atom 500

    Pagani Zonda Cinque

    Gumpert Apollo

    Audi R8 V10 Plus

    Mercedes SLS

    RUF RGT8

    RUF CTR3

    Mclaren 12c

    Mclaren P1

    Ford Mustang GT

    Rokusa F2 Classic: A vintage bias ply road tyre that takes the Seven's performance back to what it was in the 60's

    Caterham Classic

    Rokusa F4 Classic: Another vintage bias ply road tyre, this time for the vintage touring cars

    Ford Mustang Fastback

    Ford Escort 1600

    BMW 2002

    Radical Slick: The default tyre that goes on the Radical prototypes. No change to the physics, just sticking it on the RXC because it needs it.

    Radical RXC Turbo

    Rokusa LT04 Drag Radial: A mid range slick tyre suitable for drag racing. Fast heat cycles, high grip. Also a slightly grippier S variant on the rear of some particularly fast cars.

    RUF Yellowbird
    Mazda RADBUL
    BMW M3 Group A
    Mercedes 190 Group A
    Ford Sierra Group A
    Ford Mustang Fastback 1966
    Ford Mustang GT
    Mclaren F1
    Scion Rocket Bunny
    Pagani Huayra
    Pagani Zonda Cinque
    Gumpert Apollo
    Mercedes SLS
    RUF RGT-8
    RUF CTR3
    Mclaren 12C

    These tyres have all been tested, however they may be some issues we haven’t noticed. Please report any bugs you find, and if it’s in reference to any realism concerns then please provide telemetry/acceleration graphs/behavioural reports that show the correct behaviour irl.


    IMPORTANT: Running the game on a VAC secured server or time trial with activated mods can potentially result in you being VAC banned. I am not responsible if you get banned as a result of this mod or any others, remember to deactivate before racing on a VAC multiplayer session or time trial.

    1: Download a modding unlocker for the version of Project CARS that you are running. Here’s an example for 9.0 (the most recent version as of 29/01/15)

    That one is by JDougNY, there is another by Autoprophets. Both are compatible with this mod as long as you activate the unlocking mod first.

    2: Follow the instructions in that file to install and activate the unlocker.

    3: Copy the Alternate Handling Mod into the MODS folder of your game.

    4: Activate the mod with JSGME. You will get a warning that tire.rg has already been altered, click ‘yes’ on that message. It’s important that you activate the mod AFTER you’ve activated the unlocker, otherwise the mod will not work.


    You should deactivate your mods before running time trial or any VAC secured multiplayer sessions.

    1: Open JSGME.exe

    2: Press the double-left arrow. This will deactivate all mods. If you want to deactivate one mod in particular, click on that mod in the active list (right side) and click the single left arrow.

    The Team

    My testers have proven invaluable in making sure these tyres behave realistically. Without them I would not have been able to do this:

    Jussi Karjalainen

    Krus Control


    Tiago Fortuna


    If you enjoy this mod, please consider supporting it by donating via paypal, it helps a lot :)

    Long Term Plans

    I will be updating this mod over the next few months with the LT04 Drag Radial tyre and also creating some additional tyres. On the cards is the potential for a new racing slick compound, as well as some other additions. There will also be a competition pack that will use the mod tyres as available options in the pit strategy instead of the SMS tyres.

    That's all folks! This is my side project while I work with the MDMT guys on the R8 LMS mod, so be sure to have a look there if you haven't seen it already.


    See for information on becoming a tester. I am also mercilessly harassing members of as well as a few other guys in the community.

    If you have any first hand experience of aggressively driving any of the cars in game then I would very much like to hear from you, especially if the cars in question are on the list above.

    Have Fun!

Recent Reviews

  1. RSanchezPaz
    Version: 0.6
    Guys i dont even have pCars and thats is for a reason, the tire physics i see in videos looks horrible, you made me want to try the game atleast with this mod. Im very sad you didnt get the feedback you deserve for trying such amazing thing, the MX5 video you put here dont even looks like pCars to me, and thats a great achievement!
    I ll spread the word and hope you get more recognition, you deserve it, the way you explain what you did and how you did it shows the serius work behind this mod. Congratulations again and tnx, pCars should give you my $$ if i get pCars, i wouldnt otherwise.
    Version: 0.6
    This mod makes pCars road cars what they are supposed to be ;)
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