Tor Poznań 1.4

Made from scratch based on laser data.

  1. Drift!

    Added Drift Layout (Created for Drift Corner ) (practice and race game modes)
    Added Time Attack mode on "classic" Layout

    Optimized details of the world - For better performance use medium details
    Fix the starting grid
    Update Several textures
  2. Reversed Layouts

    Added winter reversed layout
    Updated some textures
    Added cameras to both reversed layouts
  3. Winter Is Coming

    Added winter version
    Winter texture: RealAKP
    Bonus: the reverse summer version ( cameras Tor Poznań)
    Winter Reverse -...
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  4. codename shadow ;-)

    Everything looks even better thanks to new shadows.
    there is also some new details
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  5. More and more details

    More and more details
    some flowers :)
  6. 1.0 built from scratch on the basis of laser data

    version 1.0
    This is not final, but it deserves to be 1.0 because the track was practically built from scratch on the basis of laser data.
    New, accurate physical layer.
    New textures and much, much more.
    New cameras - thx norbs

  7. 0.9.1 - Improving track surface

    Improving track surface
    Added minimap correct
    and other improvements
  8. The huge performance boost

    Objects and textures optimized performance increase by over 100%
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  9. AC 1.3 Export - camera-facing crowd

    Export from new AC 1.3 ksEditor
    Add camera-facing crowd
    Add test DRS zone
    New AI line
    Texture optimization

  10. many improvements

    Improved texture settings
    Added elements of the environment
    number of amendments surface

  11. Improved grip on kurbs

    Improved grip on kurbs
    further optimization
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  12. Tor Poznań v0.8.5 - Optimization

    Optimization improves performance
    A new set of cameras
    Corrected some materials
    Adding some elements
    remove the previous version and upload the entire contents of version 0.8.5
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  13. Tor Poznań v0.8

    added several elements around the track
    wall optimization
    update of several textures
    and several other changes

    and the donation button in the description :)
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