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To Luceram - semi-fictionalised rally stage 0.6

Monte Carlo rally stage France

  1. wmialil
    My first attempt at building a track from scratch - this is part of the route down from the Col St Roch to the village of Lucéram (slightly fictionalised).


    Gameplay video courtesy of noxxfaxx.

    The general colour scheme was supposed to be based off the video below but I'm not sure I quite nailed it (texturing is hard).

    It's a little rough around the edges and the foliage is slightly lifeless (texturing is hard) but it was just starting to take so long that I kind of gave up and just uploaded it.

    Learning Blender was a long process but now that I know how to do it I think I have a more streamlined strategy for making tracks in the future... I hope.

    Many thanks to all those who have written the endless online tutorials and especially those who have provided free-to-use assets (especially the low-poly vehicles).


    I am aware that the timing thing doesn't seem to work so I will sort that out soon and also some of the replay cameras are terrible but additionally I would like feedback on:

    The road surface - I tried to make it bumpy but I think it may be a little TOO bumpy and also may be having a weird effect on grip in some places. I only have a Driving Force GT (and a broken one at that) so the bumps may feel very different to someone else. Let me know what you think as it is fairly straightforward to change.

    The second bridge - is it too narrow?

    Anything else.

    Happy driving!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Tokki43
    Version: 0.6
    It so enjoyable but need more pits i think and another point, i didn't see the semi adaptation of that real SS
    1. wmialil
      Author's Response
      If you mean the Kubica SS11 - the route itself is not designed from that stage - I only took the colours from it!
  2. slalom15m
    Version: 0.6
    Great work
  3. noxxfaxx
    Version: 0.6
    Buen tramo, bastante divertido, esperamos el siguiente!!
  4. mikdiv40
    Version: 0.6
    more like that