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Tire Pack v2.1

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Just made few for several liveries and for personal use at first but now saw that people are using them on other liveries aswell and thought it would be nice to have them all in one package, if anyone would like to use them

At the moment pack includes:
18 sportscar/prototype tires

7 F1 Pirellis

3 2014 DTM season Hankooks

4 road NITTOs

Update v2.1

NB! Some cars have thinner tires and some thicker and they will look a bit different from car to car.

*Detailed installation instructions are included.

***If there are any other tires you would like to have, let me know. Happy to help and expand this pack in process.
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  2. Completely reworked textures + few new tires

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  3. Reworked installation instructions + 1 new Continental, 3 new Dunlops and 1 new Hankook

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  4. 4 new NITTOs + updated Michelin Pilot and fixed F1 SS blur

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  5. new 2011 Michelin + updated Pirellis, DTM tires and instructions

Latest reviews

Doesn't it work in PC2?
Great work mate. Thank you very much!!
Another awesome job , thanks a lot mate!
And don't pay attention at the stupid previous comment. Don't care about the rights, those brands have enough money in their pocket.
Would be great to having the Avon tires for the GT cars also!
** You are not allowed to modify any of the textures and then release them without my permission but you can release these textures (so unedited) with your mods/liveries etc as long as you credit me properly.***

Technically you are not allowed to do that as you don't own the rights of the trademarks you are using.
where mus i put this mod?
Installation instructions are included in download :)
A bit hard to understand everything but once its done, its awsome!
Goes a big way in fixing one of the game's major flaws, that is, the lack of a few real world licenses. It might seem a bit difficult to install at first, but as soon as you get the hang of it, you'll be hoping for more tire variations to get rid of all the Farettis and Yorotyres in the game!
Great job ! Czn you mzke a Goodyear tire for GT cars ? Like this one : http://www.conceptcarz.com/images/chevrolet/chevroletcorvettec5-r_13.jpg
Thanks in advane ! ;)
you are beast!
Nice! Thank you for your efforts, much appreciated.
Excellent. It's amazing how such little details make such a big difference. Cheers
Cool !
Excellent MOD. Please, you could include in a future update the textures of the Michelin tires from AUDI R18 TDI? I need to place them in the P30 LMP1. Thank you.
Amazing !
I can not make it work, you can post a video ?
Very nice. Thank you!
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