Thruxton 1.0

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Thank you for this wonderful track. The British circuits are my favourite and this is a joy to drive.
Very fun to drive around, good job!
nice track :)
thank you
Love this, so much fun to chuck a Caterham round on. Of course a full classic 90's BTCC roster would be even more fun!
Big in details, textures, poly, etc... Good job. Thanks.
Fantastic little track well done.

AI is too slow tough
Almost docked a star for just being too scary! Fantastic fun. Looks beautiful. Such a unique track, we're lucky to have such a high quality version of it.
I'm LOVING my British tracks at the moment, this is one of the best, and so fast, keep up the good work, and thanks
Well I can't believe I haven't tried this track before - Excellent work James! Particularly the textures in the pitlane look v good. The track has a really nice flow. If I was to make a suggestion or two I would say that there could be some improvement in the 3d grass, and also the physical mesh feels too smooth (although wider elevation changes are great from my limited knowledge).

Keep up the good work, and thank you!
Great one, running a trackday right now with mantasisg's Jaguar and some other classics. Quite challenging, especially in fog at low temps.
Good quality track. Nice textures.
Looks like most things are sorted. Or I got lucky on my first race. Either way great stuff mate!
Great track, very difficult and different from the others, but it makes it good. Seems to be well made, just trees looks a bit weird to me, but they are all far away from the track anyway. I like the road, the layout, and kerbs are crazy there, good addition to AC.
Interesting track, great work, many thanks.
Good polished track, and interesting combination of fast bends. Two thumbs up
Beautiful !!

Assetto Corsa - James Skinner - Track Mod - Thruxton 1.0 (T500RS)(Full HD)(Cockpit-Cam)
Assetto Corsa - James Skinner - Track Mod - Thruxton 1.0 (T500RS)(Full HD)(TV-Cam)
grazie ;)
Great track, really well done
some minor texturing issues on some distant trees ( seeing a pixel line border) , some tiling on certain surfaces

if I had a complaint, it would be that it felt too smooth, I would imagine it would be quite a bit bumpy?

really nicely done though
James Skinner
James Skinner
Thanks Patrik - a couple of people have mentioned the smoothness and while there is some noise built into the mesh it was toned down from previous unreleased versions - I was lucky enough to get feedback from someone who had taught at the racing school there for many years, and although the track used to be quite bumpy, in recent years it has been made much smoother, so I reduced the bumpiness for the sake of realism. That said, I'm happy to tweak and add some extra roughness - although I would rather do this to the actually mesh than just use random noise in the ini file!
Many Thanks for your work , it looks great , a lot of fun on the track , a bit better replay and its perfect
Bravo! Awsome track!

One thing: at the back of the track, beginning where theres a darker tarmack corection through the long right hander the racing line dissapears, and rejoins much later from the fields. Could you correct it please?

Other than that, superb track!

James Skinner
James Skinner
Thanks for the heads up - will take a look, must admit hadn't even tried the racing line I've driven the so much!
Good stuff, I wish we had Anglesey at this level of detail :D
Many Thanks for your work. Absolutely wonderful track. But your preview pics doesn't represent the quality of the track. I was totally blown away after i exiting the pits. it looks so naturally and real. An absolutely MUST HAVE!!!
I was hesitant in downloading this track, as it didnt look all that visually exciting to me. However, i am glad that i did. It is so well done both graphically and driving wise. It is a "Keeper". Many thanks for your excellent work.
Nicely done and thanks!
Many thanks!
Great to see this mod reach version 1.0. Graphical fidelity is superb. AI is fast and provides a good challenge. Well optimized, so no CPU occupancy warnings or frame rate dips.

Unfortunately for me, I just don't have the skill to make it round this track quickly. It's a very unusual track with lots of odd corners that will throw you off.
An excellent addition to the AC track lineup. Beautiful and runs well. Top notch work! Thank you!
Reminds me of the "good old" TOCA days !
It is an A-typical track, but great fun to drive.
Don't think I'll ever grow to like the layout but the mod is very well done, it looks really good and is well optimised. Good job. =]
Outstanding track, because it's different to other tracks. Quite high speed with some tricky corners.
It's a shame it's so overlooked. Cannot really understand that. Looks so great:

Could you please just fix two minor bugs:
- finish line bug
- cutting the last chicane completely from the left doesn't give a penalty.
Great addition, lovely track and very nicely done. Looks like Kunos made this it's that good. FFB of the surface and kerbs feels great on it too 5 stars.
It's a good track! I ran into the "lap not counted" issue also, but I see it already has been reported. Thanks for your efforts!
Great Version, and challenging and close racing in high speed cars. - WE need this high speed track in more games.
I've done a demo run of this track
Excellent work - using this to practice for my upcoming track day. I hope it is accurate because I'm taking all those virtual corners on the limit and I will immediately go flat out as soon as I get to the track... :) Only joking - I'll give it at least a lap in real life before I attempt to write off my car.